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  • So you know your Astrological Sun sign. But would like to go a little beyond that and figure out your Ascendant or Rising Sign?
  • Would you like to see your Birth or natal chart and use it as a clue and guidance in moving a step closer to deciphering your destiny?
  • Or, maybe, you are simply fascinated by Astrology and the possibility of planetary influences on your daily life?
  • How to calculate you Ascendant?
  • And how do you go about constructing your birth chart?

A great new free service from Astrotheme which we are now sharing on this site has made it all possible with just a few clicks. The process is very simple: just enter your details into a table below and get ready to uncover some very personal and fascinating information about yourself. If you would like to find out more about a particular sign, house or any other feature of your chart, please click on it for a drop-down list.

You are also welcome to use this tool to help your clients in your future Colourpuncture clinic.

Why is it good to know both the Sun sign and Ascendant?

The position of your Sun in your astrological house of your natal (birth) chart indicate a centre of interest, a means to fulfilment or achieving our destiny, in short, your main motivation. We generally feel and express ourselves according to this main personal motivation and also our character. Your Sun sign and Ascendant will both give important clues on the way we function. Your true inner self is represented by the Sun and your outward behavior as seen by others is represented by the Ascendant.

So, what is commonly known as “sign” indicates the location of the Sun in the Zodiac. The position of the Sun in the zodiac sign you can easily find by looking for an orange Sun symbol. The sole sign of the Sun will generally describe our personality but a degree of accuracy will depend on many on many other, more complicated factors. Also you need to remember that your Sun sign describes your inner self – which you may or may not be very aware of. The Sun sign is very revealing in terms of deep motivation, hidden drive, intellectual and moral resources, and also willpower. It
also may start emerging as you mature and may ever be only seen by a close circle of people whom you trust. It is likely that your Sun sign will shape your “final” personality when you evolve according to other major influences of your chart starting with the …

Ascendant or Rising sign.

Your Ascendant usually clearly describes your outward physical appearance, constitution, vitality levels, and your spontaneous behavior – in short, the overall image that you project. The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is one of the major components of your natal chart. It is the zodiac sign which rises to the East at the very moment of your birth and so can only be accurately calculated when the exact time of your birth is known. Your Ascendant will be indicated as AS on the left, at 9.00 o’clock position and can be seen very clearly.

Apart from describing your appearance, character (as it is initially perceived by others!) and behavior it is also related to your long-term physical constitution – your health. Again, your Ascendant will describe you, including your vitality, dietary habits and health, with a degree of accuracy which will depend on many other factors in your natal chart but in most cases it tends to be as revealing as your (Sun) sign, i.e., the zodiac sign where your Sun was positioned at the time of birth. Other factors could involve for example somehow strongly highlighted planets gathered in a different sign.

In order to benefit from this information in your Colourpuncture clinic start practicing with checking the physical characteristics of both the Ascendant and the Sun sign as you fill out your client’s medical history form. Without going any further into the natal chart analysis these two simple pieces of information will – most likely – provide you with about 2/3 of the actual physical portrait. As you start practicing it will become apparent that, statistically, the Ascendant is more representative then the Sun sign which comes close second.

So, when you start looking at your – or your clients’ Rising signs (providing their exact time of birth is avalable to you) you will begin to understand why, for example your Aquarius (Sun sign) client with Aquarius Rising looks totally different from your Aquarius (Sun sign) client with Leo rising. This simple analysis is very useful indeed when you communicate with your client, make your diagnostic assessment and disease principle assignment. Without going into¬†any more depth you can just bear in mind their Rising Sign as you do their Sun sign when deciding on the therapy short- and expecially long-term.

For your female clients the position of the Moon (the Moon is traditionally related to instinct and emotions) in their natal chart could be nearly as important as their Sun sign so its worth having a brief look at the location of the Moon’s yellow crescent. For example, if Cancer was rising and the Moon (the Ruler of Cancer) was placed in Sagittarius, your cient may look and act more like a typical Saggitarian.

The both for men and women, it’s worth looking for the sign where the Ruler of the Ascendant is located as a person might be influenced by and so look more like the sign of the Ascendant Ruler (Mars is a ruler of Aries, Venus is a ruler of Taurus and Libra, Moon is a ruler of Cancer etc).

On a practical level, when you do your initial Colourpuncture questionary you are likely to be presented with a mixture of symptoms, coming from the Sun sign, the Ascendant, the Moon (especially for women) birth positions as well as from other major energies of their chart. You will still make your therapy plan according to the 4 disease principle distribution of presenting symptoms, paints etc but bearing in mind their Ascendant will help you to undersand your client and fine-tune your long-term treatement plan much better.

Just remember, the natal chart contains just likely possibilities, your predispositions according to your time of birth, a “road map”. It’s up to you which road to choose.

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