Advanced training courses in Colourpuncture

Advanced training courses in Esogetic Medicine – including Colourpuncture – will come to the UK in 2011-2012. They are open to our 2009-2010 students of professional Colorpuncture who recently completed their basic education with us. We also welcome anyone who completed a similar level of education with other then UK’s branch of the International Mandel Institute.

Please refer to a our training course page for entry requirements and further details.

Colorpuncture training courses in 2011:

24-25 June                      Preparation for the Colourpuncture exam
26 June                             (am) The territory triangles of the body + (pm)   Dreams workshop
15 September                 Colourpuncture exam
16-19 September          Energy Emission Analysis Part 1
22 October                      The Induction – regulation therapy
23 October                      Karma and Hara (original grey patterns)
18-21 November          Energy Emission Analysis Part 2
1 December                    The therapy of addictions
2 December                    Colourpuncture connective tissue massage
3-4 December               Transmitter Relays therapy Part 1

Colorpuncture training courses in 2012:
27 January                     Transmitter Relays therapy Part 2
28 January                     The therapy of the Burn out syndrome
29 January                     Colourpuncture and Astrology

The teacher: Ms Praveeta Timmerman

Entry requirements:

Transmitter Relays therapy trainings are open for students who have completed Professional Colourpuncture Level 1+2
The Dream workshop and Energy Emission Analysis trainings are open for everyone
Other advanced trainings are open to students who have completed Professional Colourpuncture Level 1

Ms Praveeta Timmerman and the Colourpuncture Institute UK are looking forward to welcoming you on our future trainings in Esogetic Medicine!

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