How to enhance and update your Colourpuncture practice

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Have you already taken any of our Colourpuncture training courses?

Do you feel that the amount and depth of the course and the abundance of treatments and therapies mean that you would benefit from some extra revision in a classroom environment in a couple of years’ time?

Do you like connecting with fellow students, meeting new people and engaging in practical exchanges in a relaxed state of mind without the stress of learning new material?

Do you want to be fully aware and updated on latest treatments, products and therapy approaches from the International Mandel Institute, to be on the top in your profession?

If so, then join us again as a repeat student and have that chance to access a new level of depth of Esogetic Colorpuncture light therapy.

Starting from 2011 we will be offering the opportunity for students who studied with Colourpuncture Institute UK in the past to repeat the whole education cycle or separate Modules at only 50% of the current training price *.

What exactly will happen when you come as a repeat student?

  • You come with your existing workbook, questions and Kirlian photos (where applicable). Where there will be new treatments/therapies to learn, you will be given separate pages to add to your existing material.
  • You are very likely to learn something totally new as Esogetic Colourpuncture, being an evolving and dynamic discipline, is constantly expanding with new treatments or therapy approaches being added. You participate in all the lectures and practical exchange in the same way as new students.
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions on your personal health plan ** and your current client cases ***.
  • You will receive a certificate of attendance for the training which will demonstrate your commitment to continuous professional development.
  • On the business side you will have the chance to meet and network with new like-minded people as well as build relationships with potential new exchange partners in your area – and of course make new friends.
  • You will start to look at the subject you thought you knew under a totally new angle and make new connections on colour possibilities, differential diagnosis and therapy choice as on every training different questions are asked by students whose previous professional background will enrich your understanding.
  • Finally, this is a great opportunity for you to understand where exactly you stand in ‘navigating’ the course content, point finding, theoretical background, diagnostic possibilities and ultimately therapy choices, corrections and combinations.

You are welcome to have a look at our 2011-2012 schedule for Level 1 and 2 trainings and see if our dates will suit you. The dates are on Colourpuncture Institute UK website.

How to make sure that you will benefit from repeating the Colourpuncture training or separate modules:

  • Carefully read through your course materials at least twice over
  • Experience treatments by either exchanging with your fellow students or self-treating
  • Get plenty of practice giving colour light to others – your clients or family and friends

Repetition is key and practice makes perfect!

When you practice you will start to understand and feel Colourpuncture ‘from inside’ and after doing that for a while, you’ll be in perfect position to come again to the course as a repeat student, ask quality questions and get full professional and personal benefits. Join our other repeat students who are striving for professional excellence, and benefit from enhancing and updating your Colourpuncture practice.

Please keep visiting this page for our current training calendar 2011-2012 and thereafter.

* please note that this offer is for our former or current students only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
** on our trainings we take Kirlian photos of ALL participants and discuss the findings and treatment possibilities during the seminar. However, if you feel you would benefit from compiling/updating your detailed personal treatment plan, please book a private session with us a day before the training starts
*** if you would like to discuss your client’s case, please bring all the details with you and the case will be used as an example during a study and discussion on treatment choices. However, if you have many questions and numerous cases which will require much time please contact us for separate supervision options.

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