Achieving professional excellence in Colourpuncture light therapy

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The UK’s first professional group of Colourpuncture light therapy students has just completed their education and we would like to congratulate everyone for the excellent effort and long-term commitment made during their learning of the basic professional course.   Our very many thanks go to the International Mandel Institute and Esogetics GMBH in Bruchsal both for providing the excellent training materials and for their continuous support of Colourpuncture in the UK. Our very special thanks also go to Ms Praveeta Timmerman, our beautiful, knowledgeable and ever-supportive teacher. It has been a real pleasure for us all to run the course and share the Colourpuncture journey with all our students.

After completion of the training there are many questions typically arising for students with the important one being: “What is the next best step on a life-long  journey to professional excellence in Colorpuncture light therapy?”. In an attempt to answer this question we gathered both our own experience and those of our colleagues who have now been successfully practicing light and colour therapy for many years. You are welcome to read some ideas on the subject and see what feels right for you personally. We are also including here our offers on how we feel we can help you because your professional excellence is as much of our goal as it is yours.

  • Study your training materials in detail and clarify any minor questions with your fellow students first; after that ask your teacher or supervisor your ‘quality’ or ‘informed’ questions during free after-training support time (please see below).
  • Exchange or self-administer as many different treatments as you can soon after you have completed your training
  • Arrange to give some sessions to your clients in order to get as much diverse practice as possible; again, close to the time when you completed your training
  • Join in for any available free after-training support. From our end we are offering you free online support sessions during February 2011. We have arranged 3 online sessions for you: on the 1st, 8th and 15th of February at 9-10.30 am British time, when we will meet online to answer your questions on the Level 1 training. After that time a professional supervision both in group and individual settings is possible on request.
  • Take up the training “Preparation for Colourpuncture exam“; even if you’re not considering taking the exam just yet, this 2-day training will provide you with an invaluable refresher and will give a very concise version on everything you’ll need to know for your future exam. It will also provide you with a handy take-to-your-clinic easy reference guide. The dates for this training are 24-25 of June 2011. Please visit for details of this training.
  • Take the Exam and become a fully certified Colourpuncture therapist. The exam date in 2011 in the UK is the 15th of September. Our next exam after that is scheduled for 2013.
  • Take up an advanced training of your choice and both expand and deepen your Colourpuncture knowledge and therapeutical possibilities. Please visit for 2011 advanced training options and details. We plan to offer advanced trainings again starting from 2013.
  • Read both on the subjects of light and colours and on related topics. Please visit this page again in February for a recommended reading list. From our end we are planning on providing additional informational support on some topics of your training in order to help you deeper understand  the extensive course material. We plan on posting some relevant information on this page which we believe will be of help for your professional growth. Our first posts are ready for you to read and can be accessed here.  You are welcome to keep visiting this page about once a month for updates in the your future clinic” category; also please feel free to post requests on this page on any areas you feel you need more information on and we will try to fulfill your requests whenever possible.
  • Consider joining us as a repeat student to get the best for your Colorpuncture practice
  • Make a commitment to your own professional excellence and wait for further opportunities to come your way!

We wish all our students of Professional Colourpuncture UK 2009-2010 many great colour light moments in their professional and everyday lives. Thank you all for joining us on a wonderful journey in light and colours. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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