Symbol seminar with Peter Mandel 2011

A ‘Symbol Seminar’ and Update seminars from the International Mandel Institute welcomed a multi-national community of students, therapists, patients and teachers of Esogetic Medicine in Lucerne in November 2011.

International Symbol seminar with Peter Mandel

Esogetic therapies have been significantly enhanced in recent years and these new findings formed a basis of these Update seminars  in Colourpuncture light therapy and Energy Emission Analysis with Markus Wunderlich as well as multilingual ‘New discoveries in Esogetic Medicine’ seminar with Peter Mandel. Participants also enjoyed a very special experience of having a common dinner with Peter Mandel and his family dedicated to celebration of Peter’s  70th Birthday.

Colourpuncture Institute UK would like to express sincere gratitude to both German and Swiss branches of the Esogetics for organizing such a fantastic weekend of learning from the Source.

Please visit for pictures and general information. New therapies of Colourpuncture light therapy and Crystal therapy have become available, please visit

Peter Mandel presented new Grey Crystals for Esogetic Crystal therapy for the first time, please visit soon. If you are a therapist of Colourpuncture and/or use EEA in your practice please visit soon.

We would like to express our congratulations to Peter Mandel once again and wish him all the best in his life and work.

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