New Colourpuncture and Crystal therapies from Peter Mandel are now available

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An International Symbol Seminar in Esogetic therapies with Peter Mandel and Markus Wunderlich held in a beautiful town of Lucerne in November 2011 brought into the world a whole new dimension of therapies and important connections for therapeutic strategies such as Colourpuncture light therapy, Crystal therapy, Induction therapy as well as Energy Emission Analisys.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland

Based on the discoveries and daily clinical validations of the recent years, new Esogetic therapeutic approaches include:

  • a comprehensive Colourpuncture light therapy for clearing ancestry and attachments issues
  • new treatments in elements to complement highly successful Prenatal therapy
  • revised colourpuncture numerology therapy to unravel the potential of your name
  • multiple approaches for overcoming duality in human life
  • centering and creating a balance in life, vital for body’s daily self-regulation
  • new Soul therapies, helping to transform and integrate the polarity of Spirit and Body
  • new colour light and crystal therapy treatments for clearing past traumas, childhood conditioning and inherited issues in a gentle, non-verbal way
new ancestry therapy of Colorpuncture
New ancestry therapy of Colourpuncture

To name just a few, new Esogetic treatments in Colourpuncture light therapy and Crystal therapy include:

  • ‘Reflectors’ of the Limbic system and limbic memory
  • The new symbolism of the Mother and Father therapy
  • The Tree of Life symbolism in Crystal Therapy
  • The therapy for the layers of original fear

Energy Emission Analysis has also been complemented by some important new connections and topographies which were described by Peter Mandel in recent years. New conflict signs, important in assessment of chronic, systemic and degenerative diseases; connections to Limbic memory signs, important to estimate  the involvement of ’emotional memory’ of past traumas and conditioning as well as Immune System dis-balance signs have been revised and updated during recent years. New discoveries made it necessary to update the connections and topography in the EEA.

colorpuncture for ancestry and attachments issues
Colourpuncture for ancestry and attachments issues

The majority of new therapies and approaches will be integrated into our practice to enhance the quality of therapy you are already receiving with us. Many of new approaches such as using Gold and Silver crystals for Esogetic Crystal therapy are also easy to use for daily self-care at home in order to enhance overall therapy progress.

We look forward to offering you a new experience based on Peter Mandel ‘s newest insights into Colourpuncture light therapy and Crystal therapy for your health and well-being!