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Learning the Latest Updates in Esogetic therapies has been a fascinating experience for participants of the International Seminars with Peter Mandel and Markus Wunderlich. The seminars were organized in connection with Peter Mandel’s 70th Birthday celebrations in the enchanting town of Lucerne in November 2011. New discoveries in Colourpuncture, Crystal Therapy and Energy Emission Analysis (Kirlian Photography) were presented for the first time. Esogetic holistic approach by Peter Mandel is a ‘live’ and evolving therapy system of natural health, therefore update seminars are an essential part of learning Esogetic Colourpuncture and related therapies.

Lucerne, 11/2011
Lucerne, Switzerland, November 2011

The Seminars had the fascinating feeling of connection within the International Esogetic community. Participants’ backgrounds varied from students in training through users of Esogetic therapies to international teachers. Colorpuncture light therapy as well as other Esogetics therapies are very well known in the US and continental Europe; the majority of participants were from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Holland and other European countries as well as the US. The common seminar with Peter Mandel was held in German with an excellent simultaneous translation into English and Italian languages. The English-speaking group of participants also enjoyed both Colourpuncture and EEA Update seminars with Markus Wunderlich in the English language.

Markus Wunderlich's seminar on Updates in Colourpuncture
Colourpuncture Update seminar with Markus Wunderlich

A common dinner with Peter Mandel within the international Esogetics community was a truly special experience. Different speakers conveyed a remarkable history of Peter Mandel’s discovery, practical validation and perfection of the methods of Energy Emission Analysis, Colourpuncture light therapy, Crystal therapy and other Esogetic therapies.

Peter Mandel’s 70th Birthday celebration

The Updates workshops on Colourpuncture, Esogetic Crystal therapy and Energy Emission Analysis introduced newly discovered important topographies, signs and connections from the Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) picture related to conflicts, prenatal and birth elementslimbic memory of the brainimmune system as well as ancestry and attachments issues.  Colourpuncture Institute UK clinic will be integrating these new topographies and connections into clinical practice from December 2011. If you are a therapist of Esogetic Colourpuncture Light Therapy or Esogetic Crystal Therapy please visit www.colourpuncturetrainingcourse.com soon to find out about new discoveries, connections and indications.

“New discoveries in Esogetic Medicine” seminar with Peter Mandel

The seminar on new discoveries in Esogetic therapies was personally presented by Peter Mandel and was dedicated to the Symbolism of Polarity and overcoming duality in human life. Peter Mandel introduced effective new approaches to centering and creating a balance in human beings, validated by practical success in his daily clinical practice. These have been designed with an idea of daily self-balancing in mind in order to help creating favorable conditions for easier, deeper and faster healing processes. The concept of human Soul as a transforming ‘middle’ between the polarity of Spirit and Body was beautifully introduced via therapeutic strategies.  Using the hologram of the skin Peter Mandel  described ‘reflectors’ which can help human beings find their unique ‘center’. This ‘centering’ provides an invaluable help for healing past traumas, conditioning and ancestry issues in order to lay the foundations of freedom of individual unfoldment.

Crystal Therapy by Peter Mandel

Crystal therapy workshop with Peter Mandel also introduced participants to hot-off-the press addition to Esogetic Crystal therapy, new Grey Crystals as well as new connections, updates and combinations for use of Gold, Silver and Element CrystalsPlease visit www.learnesogeticrystaltherapy.com soon for more information on this Crystal Update seminar. You are also welcome to Experience new therapies in Grey Crystals in a clinical setting or invest into your own set of Grey Crystals for daily use at home. Some basic knowledge of Crystal therapy or Colourpuncture light therapy is advisable if you would like to use them at home only; please contact us for more information.

Please visit Colourpuncture Institute UK for contact details of your local therapists who have participated in Update trainings in Lucerne in November 2011 or find representatives of the Esogetics overseas. Take your chance to experience new therapies from Peter Mandel!

International Update seminars presenting new discoveries in Colourpuncture and other Esogetic therapies usually take place once every 5 years. However, taking into account a growing interest in Esogetic therapies as well as steadily increasing numbers of both complementary health professionals and people interested in receiving therapies, the Esogetics and the International Mandel Institute will be considering organizing more of such seminars in order to make them more available for international participants. Subscribe to our newsletter today and be the first to find out about the dates and location of the next one. We will see you there!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Lucerne!

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