UK Professional Colourpuncture training course Module 2: 11-13th of November 2011

Continuing professional education in Esogetic Colourpuncture light therapy: in Module 2 on the 11-13/11/11 you will learn how to promote natural health of lymphatic system with Colorpuncture as well as how to manage long-term health conditions in your Colour puncture practice.

Esogetic Crystalpuncture for colourpuncture therapists

Body-mind detoxification, managing chronic conditions, systemic and degenerative diseases as well as overcoming energy stagnation in the body with colour light therapy Colourpuncture by Peter Mandel: further diagnostic techniques, therapies, more tools for everyday use in clinic and at home such as Crystalpuncture with crystal tattoos used on relevant Acupuncture points and also for daily pain relief.

You will also give and receive treatments for supporting immune system, pain relief and addressing different focal inflammation processes such as tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, arthritis and more.

Join us and keep building your natural health therapy portfolio of light and colour therapy Colourpuncture this week-end!

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