Professional Colourpuncture training course Module 2 in November 2011 in the UK

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Module 2 of the Professional training course in Esogetic Colourpuncture will be held on the 11-13th of November 2011 in South Manchester.

Professional training course in Esogetic Colourpuncture

In Module 2 you will be mastering some further diagnosis and application of Colour puncture light therapy for the Toxic/lymphatic and Degenerative patterns

1.3 Basic pattern of Lymphatic-toxic reaction

You will learn

  • A new reflex system of an “Inverted human” of Esogetics as a reflection of “above in below”
  • specific segment diagnostic for toxic reaction
  • new diagnosis – pressure points on the neck
  • basics on how to inspect the oral cavity and sinus projection areas
  • how to analyse specific swelling on certain areas of the face
  • pain as a reflection of lymphatic stress
  • the concept of ‘information barrier’ and colourpuncture
  • why the lymphatic system serves as a psychological buffer

You will also learn and practice a variety of treatments for the Toxic/lymphatic pattern:

  • toxic basic colourpuncture combination
  • chronic rhinitis (sinusitis) combination
  • ear inflammation and lymph drainage points combination
  • classic Chinese points around the ear for pain, allergies and inflammation
  • acute and chronic tonsillitis
  • reflex zones of knee joints and Love and Fear principle
  • detailed diagnosis of the lips signs

You will start mastering numerous options for pain relief:

  • Crystal puncture with esogetic crystal tattoos for immediate pain relief
  • pain clock and pain grid facial topography which helps to turn your physical or emotional pain into insight and positive action
  • detoxification and elimination therapies to naturally support your kidneys, lungs, liver and large intestine
  • easy OGT template-based treatment for lymphatic insufficiency for daily use

You analyze

  • A detailed example of a Toxic/lymphatic case

You experience

  • a basic Toxic/lymphatic combination
  • a comprehensive detox treatment

1.4  Basic pattern of Degeneration

You will learn:

  • why an inner conflict is at the root of any disease and how to address it
  • how disease and pain develop
  • diagnostic colourpuncture lines on the back
  • much more information on all types of diagnosis
  • how to diagnose Laterality disturbance

You will learn and practice the basic therapies of the Degenerative basic pattern:

  • basic ‘degenerative combination’ to use for chronic diseases, therapy resistance, energy stagnation and degenerative tissue changes
  • points of the 4 temperaments
  • a therapy of informational communication between the Abdominal and Cranial Brains

You will experience

  • degenerative basic combination or 4 temperaments treatment
The Module 2 will give you both knowledge and tools on how you can use colour light and timeless natural health principles to address more explicit diseases, which are diseases either marked with pain and inflammation or detectable on standard clinical tests.
Colourpuncture light therapy will become your invaluable tool for daily management and healing of often long-term, chronic, degenerative or/and therapy resistant diseases. You will also start tapping into a deeper meaning of disease and its symptoms, for example how not living according to your natural temperament can lead to a physically manifest illness and how you can use Colourpuncture light therapy to address the very roots of dis-balance in the body and gently guide it back to health.
Join us now to significantly expand your therapeutic portfolio and address pain, inflammation, chronic conditions and degenerative changes with confidence!

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