Transmitter Relays Training 3-4 December 2011 in the UK

The UK first Transmitter Relays training from the International Mandel Institute will be held on the 3-4 December 2011 in South Manchester. Esogetic Transmitter Relays therapy is the most famous Colourpuncture light therapy by Peter Mandel and need no introduction. This is an advanced training course in Esogetic Colourpuncture for existing Colorpuncture therapists.

This training is a second part of our Advanced Colorpuncture week-end 2011; the first part is the Therapy of Addictions 1-day course on the 2nd of December.

Find out more on the discovery of Transmitter Relays by Peter Mandel, origins of disease and unhappiness, the best way to receive this remarkable colour light therapy and how to get ready for a life changing experience.

Join our vibrant international group of Colourpuncture therapists for a journey of ultimate transformation!

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