Training course in advanced Colourpuncture: “The territory triangles of the body”

Advanced Colourpuncture trainings from the International Mandel Institute will start in June 2011 with a short course “The territory triangles of the body”. The training will be held on the 26th of June 2011 from 9am till 1 pm in the South Manchester. Ms Praveeta Timmerman will teach the course.

Territory therapy of advanced colourpuncture

The “territory therapy” is an  additional therapy of Colourpuncture for conflict-resolution group of treatments. The Territory Triangles therapy is invaluable for any known cases of difficult childhood, birth or prenatal time as well as physically manifested stresses such as degenerative diseases. It also makes an excellent additional therapy with Prenatal Therapy, Conflict Resolution Therapy, Transmitter Relay Therapy, The Pain Therapy, Therapy Resistance and more.

The territory triangles training is possible for students attended the courses from the International Mandel Institute at least at the Level 1 of Professional Colourpuncture (Modules 1,2 and 3 or Colourpuncture Update training).


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