The 4 elements (temperaments) and Colourpuncture; Part 2: Active Earth

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Active EarthTaurus

Key characteristics: reliable, loyal, practical, steady, plodding, stubborn, domesticated, nature-loving, materialistic, sturdy, lazy, rigid, tenacious, introverted.

Taurus is ruled by planet Venus and rules the neck and throat. It lives in a realm of concrete reality and sensory perception. Active Earth energy is practical, solid and reliable and it dislikes change. It’s difficult if not at all impossible to change their mind as the Active earth element has a tremendous amount of natural resistance. An often laid-back Taurus is seldom in a hurry to do things or go places. It is useless to try to drive them; however, they could be surprisingly content to loyally follow a leader they trust – such as Active Fire, for example – at their own free will.

Active Earth energy provides for usually a strong constitution both physically and mentally and the natives tend to have few major health concerns in their early years but they tend to suffer from sore throats and neck pains during their lives. Also, even though it takes a lot – time and effort – to challenge a firm balance of the Active Earth, once it is so, the magnitude of Bull’s temper will surprise everyone around. The temper will normally dissipate quite quickly providing it will not be challenged again.

Decision making could be slow and difficult so Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas Function Circle treatments could be helpful in order to keep reaching decisions before a long indecisiveness will turn into inner conflict.

What are the general challenges that your Active Earth client might have in addition to their specific complaints picture? As a practical and thorough Earth sign they will need to learn how to manage their – often indecisiveness-based – stress levels, to open up to spirituality and intangible,”the unseen”; cope with a possible self-sabotage and bring an essential movement and change in their life. Also their potential tend to be much bigger then its realization so they might benefit from any treatments aimed at unfolding and reaching one’s potential such as Prenatal, Birth and related therapies. The new dream-disc based soul-spirit colorpuncture treatment will help to release their dormant talents by activating specific planets and elements. Esogetic Dream therapy is a great option as it will both help to address general spiritual awareness and inner processing and find clues for realization their potential.

Your Active Earth clients are very likely to habitually resist any imposed change. They might also subconsciously expect some pampering side to your treatment; this need can be easily met if you include – symptomatically only! – any simple treatments including use of massage oils (Esogetic Oil relax, Reflector or Love Oil) and also including dream zones. Try to make sure beforehand though that they like the smell of the oils. Connective tissue massage with light and oils is also very for them as being an Earth element they tend to “collect” stuff in their deep tissues too.

Apart from your known treatments from the Active Earth portfolio they might also really benefit from any further therapies directed on developing intuition – including pineal therapies, letting go and getting things moving.

Therapeutic compliance might not be the strongest point of the Active Earth so make sure you give your suggestions as softly as clearly when drawing the treatment plan and discussing their homework in order to avoid waking up their natural resistance and with that, triggering self-sabotage. With resistance to any change being a problem you might need to be prepared to offer very tiny steps if an introduction of a very revolutionary – for them – concept such as surrounding Bardo therapies, for example – is needed. With their emphasis on stability and sensuality they need to learn a concept of a permanent change being natural law of life – slowly – and any of the therapies directed on balancing possible negative reactions (such as ellipses or neurastenia line) should be on the ready.

In cases of a very clear therapy resistance you might want to consider your grey fields and shadow somatotopies early on in your treatment plan.

Using the Love disc for sensual Tauruses can go well in combination with a soft and subtle Love oil smell in the background!

You can gently help them to get on their path of discovering a spiritual side of life by referring to nature as this is something normally vitally important for them. By being in the nature and also observing the nature they can easier connect with their own way of understanding that there are things which as there but can not be touched; there laws which rule the nature yet unwritten.

Active earth is very sensitive to music so they can have a natural affinity to sound therapy -Esogetic sound therapy including- as therapeutic media so you might consider adding this in their homework. Oil could be a good homework too as pleasant smells and touch will help them to relax and of course appeal to their sensual nature.

It seems that a new Esogetic massage oil was created for Active Earth in each of us!

Being ruled by Venus, a hedonistic and pleasure-seeking planet, they will do well with regular healthy rewards in order to get success with any project, homework treatments including. Change comes slow and deliberately to them so both an Active Earth client and a therapist should be patient from the out start. Also with change not normally coming easy and combining that with resistance and stubbornness they really need support in understanding the need for change and following it through.

Good old clutter clearance is a classic exercise for Active Earth as they tend to accumulate all sort of stuff and don’t let go easily. Bearing that in mind – and of course you can offer them regular clearing therapies as an addition to their therapy plan and independently of their present complaints. To that end, all the lymph therapies and also Lung/LI FC therapies will help.

They are sensitive to beauty and so will more likely to relax into a treatment into a well colour-coordinated, homely and inviting treatment room.

Active Earth brings us much needed stability, patience, beauty and traditional values.

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