Reading on Colourpuncture step 1: “Color me healing. Colorpuncture: a new medicine of light”

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“Color me healing. Colorpuncture: a new medicine of light” by Jack Allanach is a great first step to discover colourpuncture through an exciting, meaningful and stimulating read. In this essential book Jack Allanach will tell you the story of Peter Mandel’s discovery, its subsequent evolution and the current developments of Colourpuncture within Esogetic Medicine.


It describes the history of Colourpuncture therapy while giving new insights into the nature of illness and disease and their non-physical origins. “Colour me healing” will take you on an extraordinary journey, starting from the first successes in the development of Colourpuncture and bringing you to the forefront of the most therapeutically significant discoveries in modern neuroscience and biophysics. “Color me healing” is both expertly written and easy to read for a general audience.

In this book you will read about some foundational therapies of Colourpuncture such as fascinating Transmitter Relays – inbuilt body ‘filtering systems’ for information on our life scripts, a Transmitter Relays therapy for ‘rewriting the script’ which allows to clear old traumas and create the foundation for your true individual life program to start unfolding – unblocked and unimpeded. You will learn about cell intelligence and how you can read the messages from your energy field on photographic paper (called Energy Emission Analysis) using the machine Peter Mandel developed on the basis of the Kirlian effect. You will learn the basics of Esogetic philosophy which is formalized in the Esogetic model. “Color me healing” will introduce you to the holographic principle and how it is used in healing.

You will read about the discovery of soul-spirit colours, Prenatal therapy, mother-father therapy, and conflict resolution therapy which is famous worldwide for its possibilities in treating heavy degenerative diseases such as cancer. You will find out how Peter Mandel uses simple homework to help people resolve their old emotional issues and to open new chapters in their lives. It will give you your first insight into Function Circle and how color can be successfully used for treating children.

Colorpuncture: a new medicine of light

It is a very interesting read with almost a science-fiction feel to it, exciting, encouraging and stimulating. It will give you an understanding of why homework is important in Esogetic medicine and why you will heal so much faster with it. You will learn about dream therapy and colour sound, how you can use them to support your healing process. As the icing on the cake, it tells you how colourpuncture heals by freeing and expanding your consciousness, starting from the very cells in your body all the way up to your body-mind. It will also gently unveil one of the greatest taboos of our society and medicine – death and dying – and how people can use colourpuncture to prepare for them as a part of life and to experience only clarity and serenity of the transition to the next dimension.

And much more …

You will come to the finish of this profound exploration of Colourpucture with insights into Peter Mandel’s works-in-progress, many of which are now being transformed into reality to further empower humanity on its movement to wisdom, higher intelligence and unconditional love.