Professional Colourpuncture Level 1 (Module 1) free on-line support session

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There is only 1 week left before a free on-line support session for our students of Professional Colourpuncture. You are welcome to join this session if you studied with us at the Level 1 (Modules 1,2 and 3, Level 1 intensive training or Update course). In order to benefit fully from this session you might consider doing the following:

  • Read the textbook material of the Module 1 one more time noting down any remaining questions and e-mail them to us
  • Reflect on your up-to-now experience of implementing this knowledge in your practice and check if you have any questions on this; please e-mail them to us too
  • Download the Self-Test questions we prepared for you (our Intensive group is familiar with the questions but might want to this test again)
  • Based on your revision and self-testing please think of any topics you feel you would like to know more about and e-mail that to us
  • Join us for your first free on-line support session – on Skype – on the 1st of February at 9.00am British time

We wish you all the best on the first step of your journey to achieving professional excellence in Colourpuncture!

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  1. Judy Harriman

    Do you have color puncture courses by correspondence overseas or do you have anybody in New Zealand that teaches this.

    Kind Regards

  2. Irina

    Hi Judy,
    We do have on-line (not correspondence) training courses in Colourpuncture, Crystal therapy, Dream therapy and Induction therapy which we run alongside our usual off-line trainings in the UK. However, there is an organization for Colourpuncture in New Zealand and we will come back shortly with the contact details for you. Kind regards, Irina

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