Advanced Colourpuncture training courses 2011

Training courses in Advanced Colourpuncture are an exciting new addition to Esogetic Medicine. They are open both to our 2009-2010 students and our Level 1 students of 2011. Some of the advanced Colorpuncture trainings are scheduled in the UK for 2011.

24-25 June                      Preparation for the Colourpuncture exam
26 June                            (am) The territory triangles of the body + Dream workshop (pm)
22 October                      The Induction – regulation therapy
23 October                      Karma and Hara (original grey patterns)
1 December                    The therapy of addictions
2 December                    Colourpuncture connective tissue massage
3-4 December               Transmitter Relays  therapy Part 1

Entry requirements:

The Dream workshop is an entry-level training and is open for everyone including members of the general public

Transmitter Relays therapy trainings are open for students who have completed Colourpuncture Level 1+2

Other advanced trainings are open to students who have completed Colourpuncture Level 1.

The next similar set of Advanced Colourpuncture trainings are planned for 2013.

If you would like to take the opportunity to learn Advanced Colourpuncture (excluding Transmitter Relays Therapy) in 2011 and you are not one of our current students, then in order to qualify you’ll need to complete a Level 1 Colourpuncture in either our usual or intensive format before the start of your preferred training.

The dates for the Level 1 training in 2011 are:

Colourpuncture Level 1 Intensive from 10 to 25 January (10 days in total)

Professional  Colourpuncture Module 1               4-5-6 February
Professional  Colourpuncture Module 2               4-5-6 March
Professional  Colourpuncture Module 3                1-2-3 April

Transmitter Relay therapy training 2011 is open for the students who will have completed their basic professional Colourpuncture education (Level 1+2) before summer 2011.

If you are considering training with us in 2011 and have a friend who is also interested and new to Colourpuncture, don’t forget to take advantage our 25% tuition price discount 2011.

We look forward to sharing Advanced Colourpuncture with you in 2011!

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