The Academy: The Boundaries and the Territory

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‘The Boundaries’ seminar: 26/01/16

The Boundaries or “Territory triangles therapy” is an  additional therapy of advanced Colourpuncture for conflict-resolution therapies.


In an ideal world we live our life according to our individuality or personality and and move forward in life “powered” by our own free will. In a real world however, our free will might have been extremely under strain or sometimes even broken especially in our childhood. Peter Mandel has long observed that the prenatal time, the birth, and especially the years in childhood 3,6,9 and 12 play an important role for the later life of every human being. In case of any disturbance all the events of those times create a lasting conditioning colouring every further chapter of our lifetime.

Normally people do not have conscious memories of many important prenatal or childhood events because a little life is born into feeling and developing in an intense emotional – and not conscious – world so our very early memories become emotional patterns firmly anchored in our physiology and influencing our everyday behaviour during and beyond, childhood. We have no idea of why this or that is happening to us, why we feel in a certain way without immediate obvious reasons and what is disturbing us in the here and now.

As individuals we have both our tangible everyday life and our hidden inner life the combination of which define our own “territory”. It is our very personal playing field of life in which we live, grow, develop, and have a total responsibility for. Every challenging experience of our early life create blockages in the hidden part of our entire personality which have lasting programing for the rest of our life.

Of course, there are sometimes events that we remember consciously, even when we are very little. A birth of a sibling, for example, people tend to remember – including their emotions attached to the event – from a surprisingly early age. Moving house, even to a better one, is another example.

And yet, it is the blockages which do not usually leave us with intellectual memories which are particularly burdening the explicit part. And this corresponds to an injury, a hurt of our personal territory.  These often not conscious or not remembered events create a life long pressure and have their everyday reflexion in our outer life because of constantly running – however masked –  the resulting “Emotional Patterns”.

Double cone of territory therapy

We can have very different challenges in our real life but our “in-built” responses tend to be similar. This way a hidden blockage creates a permanent real conflict which have numerous consequences in our life ranging from “innocent” psycho-emotional problems to very real immune system imbalances with all phycho-somatic diseases in between.

Severe conditioning of a developing life leads to forming a stationary vortex of conflicts in adult life.Our goal as therapists is to help our clients to unravel their individual chain of information blockages without our own personality and experience getting in the way. Even though we may easily recognise similar conflicts in our own life listening to our client – and the chances are that we will if we happened to have similar issues – both the background of the blockage and details of emotioonal pattern and as well as the lesson needed to be learned will be unique for every human being. Giving your client a territory therapy of advanced colourpuncture is a great help as we share their healing journey especially with deep therapies such as Prenatals, Transmitter Relays, etc.

Territory therapy on feet

The Colourpuncture  Territory Triangles can be done on the sole of the foot, the skull and  the body, and grey, spectral and soul-spirit colourpuncture as well as a point massage are used as a therapeutic media.

Territory Triangles therapy is very beneficial for many indications including often difficult to treat but widely encountered degenerative diseases. Territory therapy also makes an excellent additional therapy with Prenatal Therapy, Conflict Resolution Therapy, Transmitter Relay Therapy, The Pain Therapy, Therapy Resistance and more.


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