Transmitter Relays Training in Advanced Colourpuncture

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Transmitter Relays as a journey of your ultimate transformation

If that time in your life when you start receiving Colourpuncture light therapy could be named Time4Change – which in a due course turns into a BIG change when you start on any therapy of Conflict Resolution – then a Transmitter Relays time in your life could rightly be called, Time4ADeepAndUltimateTransformation!

Transmitter Relays of advanced colorpuncture
Transmitter Relays of Colourpuncture

The goal of Colourpuncture light therapy “Transmitter Relays” is to clear very old and deep-seated traumas which you experienced in your life and prepare the way for your individual potential, your own unique life program, to unfold freely. Transmitter Relays colour light therapy addresses reflex zone of your spine as your Soul axis; your experiences of life from birth to 25 years of age; stages of physical, emotional and phychological puberty; big “main” chapters of your life; all human temperaments and elements and beyond. During the Transmitter Relays light therapy journey, experiences which are hidden deep inside of us and seemed long forgotten are lifted to the surface. The stresses and pressures which were a result of these experiences and manifested as symptoms of diseases, start to disappear, step by step. Transmitter Relays of Colour Light therapy are a connecting link between the subtle, the unseen, and gross, tangible, aspects of our lives.

Why would you attempt to clear your old traumas?

Any traumatic experience which people go through during a developmental phase from birth to 25 years of age correlates to diseases that appear later in life. Any professional therapist of natural health practicing for many years who is observant and skilled in correlating person’s medical history with a therapy process can see that childhood experiences are repeated in a different form at a later point in time.

We are all born with a “plan”, a unique original design, holding the information which is supposed to unfold during our lifetime. The information contained within a acorn will lead it – favourable conditions provided – to be a strong oak tree and a butterfly egg has all the stages the future being will go through pre-programmed – caterpillar, cocoon and butterfly.

In Peter Mandel’s opinion information is not only a part of everything that is alive (“that which turns dead matter into living matter” according to Frederick Vester) but it is also individually designed for each human being. It seems to be a prerogative of human nature, however, to repeatedly counteract its own program, unconsciously or at will. With time, this leads to a blockage of the original information and triggers in turn dis-orders in numerous subordinate functions of body and phyche. And the result -which is a matter of time only – is psycho-emotional or physical sickness.

The discovery of Transmitter Relays

The story of Transmitters started with Peter Mandel’s exploration of chakras in Indian esoteric literature. It has been generally agreed that the Universe feeds us with informative energy through the 7 chakras or “intake valves” located in the aura, and that this cosmic energy is then absorbed and directed to the nearest major nerve plexus for further distribution. Based on the vast amount of old books that he read, he came to the conclusion that in addition to chakras as receiving centers of informative energy to process this cosmic energy, there must be an inbuilt “filtering system” that allows us to take in and integrate the precise informational energies needed to fulfil our individual purpose here on the Earth.

Thanks to his extensive clinical practice Peter Mandel discovered that there are zones and points on the skin which when palpated and briefly massaged bring memories of experience from the distant past to the surface, such as, for example, childhood events. After much clinical observation, experimentation and positive responses of the patients he mapped out the exact locations of this “filtering” system containing 7 circular switching stations on the skin, distributed over the body. And even more so, he was able to trace down the age of the person when serious traumas were experienced. The patients receiving the light therapy would also get an extraordinary access to deeper layers of their being. Receiving Transmitters his patients re-processed these experiences unconsiously.

Peter Mandel named the discovered Relays according to his vast statistical clinical observations. In line with holographic principle everything we experience ultimately reaches our cells and manifests there. Four Bodily Relays discovered by Mandel, deal with this and, being a pair, they represent yang/yin, symbolically representing the spirit within the cells. Relay of Immune system – Relay of Resistance deals with immune processes, regulation of some endocrine processes and ultimately influences the “garbage collector” of the body – the lymphatic system. There is a Relay of Drives such as survival and sex, and there is a Relay of Memories or Experience. It is there, in the Relay of Experience, where every change, every instant and every event of our life is recorded. And also encoded there is our unique life program, “incarnational blueprint”, imprinted at the moment of conception, with the information it contains activated by birth. Much like we compress data in a ZIP file for more efficient transmission, we have a microchip of our entire life plan located at the Relay of Experience, ready to de-compress as our life is unfolding.

What is Peter Mandel’s view on the origins of disease and unhappiness?

In very many cases dis-ease and unhappiness is caused by accumulating unresolved traumas. Our traumas are part of our experience which are supposed to teach us lessons that we are here to learn. It is just how the Life lovingly teaches and weathers us; preparing perfect conditions for us to evolve and develop. Some shocks, however, can be too much for us and to hide them – sometimes very quickly – into our subconscious at the moment they happen is the right and only viable survival strategy. Also there are traumas which happened beyond our conscious memory – in a very early childhood, or they might belong to our ancestry. Regardless of the origin though, the traumas still living unseen in the depth of our psyche with time will cause phycho-emotional dis-adaptation and/or make us physically diseased. Transmitter Relays is the best therapy of Colourpuncture light therapy designed for clearing these deep unconscius traumas while freeing up our healthy survival energy trapped within.

As fallen trees can change the course of a river and harsh conditions can cause a beautifully developing tree to grow a dwarf or distorted, in the same way some of our traumas can create invisible blockage that diverts the energy from its natural flow, and we become trapped in repeating symptoms of our illness, psycho-emotional patterns or outward behavior, falling into there same “grove” time and time again. In skillful hands of a Colourpuncture therapist Transmitter Relays will uncover these blocks and your willingness to explore and eventual awareness can remove the blockages out of your way.

Are you ready for Transmitter Relays?

Unless you feel ready for a real life-changing experience, the Transmitter Relays might – temporarily – cause more upheaval than constructive exploration; or, more likely, you might not get the full understanding of your deepest nature which Transmitters can gift you with; this is because the process might take you to the level where you don’t yet belong. You might find yourself in a wonderful but challenging space. It is a process of very many moments of personal realisation and insight, and also some surfaced pain and sorrow are likely to be experienced. It is highly advisable to make sure you will have support and tolerance from your family members and friends while you are going through the process. With your personal right attitude from the beginning and your therapist’s guidance, Transmitters will be a really beautiful turning point in your life as they give you an ultimate freedom to be yourself as well as much constructive insight into your main life lessons.

How to receive Transmitter Relays to your best advantage?

Transmitter Relays will lift the underlying pattern for you to see; from the depths of your phyche, hidden, it will relocate to the level of your conscious awareness; it will be your job – under your therapist’s loving and skillful guidance – to fully understand the pattern, possibly with the reasons which originally formed it, and to let it go. With full comprehension on your part, consious letting go and taking responsibility for different and consistent future actions, the pattern will be neutralized. Some patterns will just disappear much to your delight; some will require work of the Soul.

The role of a therapist in Transmitter Relays journey

The Transmitter Relays process puts equal demands and responsibility on the therapist who is giving the sessions. It is not the case where therapist uses his own judgement to stricktly determine stages of the process. More than with any other system of Colourpuncture, Tramsmitters journey is developing under the very guidance of a patient’s body responses to the therapy. The therapist’s skill, professionalism and observational ability are crucial in this process. Listening to what is happening and full attention to patient’s reactions will step by step lead both to the root couse behind the illness and next therapeutic step needed to gently neutralize it while learning the valuable lesson.

Esogetic Transmitter Relay training of Advanced Colourpuncture is going to be held in the UK on the 3-4th of December 2011. Please visit Colourpuncture Institute UK website for details of registration.

If you feel ready, you are welcome to join us for a conscious and joyful exploration of your deeper being!

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