Christmas present ideas 2013: I Ching book

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The Playful I Ching

The tradition of the I Ching – “The Book of Change” – belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. In this time of worldwide paradigm shift it has become more important than ever to recall and reconnect to an ‘in-built’ power of intuition that every human being possesses.

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In his book “The Playful I Ching” Peter Mandel enters a completely new territory. He combines the ancient I Ching oracle with zones on the skin, which he has described in exact detail. Each of the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching has a clearly defined position on the skin, is drawn there and then treated with the appropriate media, from self-massage and Esogetic Oil Relax to Grey Crystals and Soul-spirit Colourpuncture.
Many years of research and practical application in Peter Mandel’s clinic have repeatedly shown the impressive effectiveness.

I Ching Set includes the book “The Playful I Ching or the Oracle on the Skin” and 64 Hexagram cards
Article No. 7210
Price: 45,00 €

The Playful I Ching book by Peter Mandel makes a perfect Christmas present for anyone who wants to not just receive insights but actively work with the energy of a current life situation by treating a corresponding zone on the skin in order to support the best possible outcome. Give a precious I Ching Christmas gift to someone special today!


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