Black Crystal Activator

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Black Crystal Activator, a new product by the Esogetics GmbH which has been manufactured specifically according to Peter Mandel’s design is now available.

Peter Mandel calls Black Crystal Activator the “activator of the inner light”. Black Crystal Activator activates the ‘inner light’ in the cells and thus influences the blocked transfer of light from the inside towards the outside. New Black Crystal Activator comes with an extensive user’s manual.

  • Article No. 1630
  • Price: 595,00 €

Schwarzer Kristall

Order your new Black Crystal Activator now!


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  1. Mukhtiar

    I am a colorpuncture and crystal therapy practioner trained in peter mandhell Institie
    I would like to purchase the black crystal activator.
    Please give me a quote for supply and dleivery to
    a. Singapore address
    b.UK address

  2. Irina

    Dear Mukhtiar Singh,
    Thank you for your interest in Black Crystal Activator.
    Delivery charges for the Black Crystal Activator are:
    £9 to the UK address
    £40 to Singapore address
    The Black Crystal Activator itself costs £496.
    General information on ordering of Esogetic products:
    Please let us know if you need any further information.
    Best wishes,

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