Symbol Dream workshop in Advanced Colourpuncture

Symbol Dream workshop is an Advanced Colourpuncture CPD (continuous professional development) 1-day workshop for Professional Colourpuncture graduates. The first UK’s Symbol Dream workshop will take place on the 11th of May 2013 in Manchester.

Goals and Therapeutic Media of Dream therapy according to Peter Mandel

In Symbol Dream workshop Peter Mandel expands our knowledge on the ever-important topic of reading clues and deciphering symbols of our night dreams, daily challenges, bodily symptoms and our waking consciousness.

The Sectors of Asclepios, the opening Colourpuncture treatment in Symbol seminar, plays an important role of activating one of the most important human traits, which is “vision of oneself” or “ feeling and sensing what is and who I am.” The dreams induced by the Sectors of Asclepios Colourpuncture treatment relates to the persons ‘now’-situation.

Induction therapy utilizing brain rhythms as a therapeutic media has the ultimate goal of facilitating the processing of  longstanding therapy resistant conflicts. Point induction therapy, Soul-Spirit Colourpunture and Esogetic Oil Relax are media for this and further therapies in Dream therapy work.


In Symbol Dream workshop Peter Mandel expands on the idea that every disease is ultimately founded in psychological causes and so obeys the law of development ‘from the subtle to the gross‘.

Spirit/information/cause and body/matter/consequence opposites presume an existence of a mediator – energy/mind/effect – which connects the opposed energy structures. In disease and illness the mediator is silent and so the idea is to activate it though the skin reflex zones.  You will learn the mediator concept, presumed location on the levels of brain and the body, and practical applications as to how we can switch it on when it is switched off in dysfunction, dis-regulations and disease.

Continuing the idea of Dr Lipton (‘The wisdom of your cells – how your beliefs control your biology’) Peter Mandel describes newly discovered body reflex zones which can help in re-establishing of a harmonious flow of energy between our subconscious and conscious,  our soul and our ego ultimately leading to health and well-being of being a ‘whole’ again.  In order to mediate, ‘the mediator’ should have an access to the full information from both sides.

Dream and sleep Colourpuncture therapies

Every stress, and disconnection leads first to dis-balance of endocrine system so we have a good outlook on function and importance of endocrine triad hypothalamus-pituitary-pineal in dream therapy.

Peter Mandel created a wealth of specific Dream and Sleep therapies such as Key points, melatonin rhombus etc.

‘The Sun-Pluto principle’

In Symbol Dream workshop an intriguing  ‘The Sun-Pluto principle’ is made very easy to understand, diagnostically assessed and immediately translated into your daily therapy, in details.  You will learn a wealth of information about the Sun, symbolizing the start and vitality and Pluto,  symbolizing the depth, personal subconscious, reflecting in the in-breath and out-breath, Fire and Water elements, fear and love polarity as well as an important role of Tree of Life symbolism in dream therapy. Planetary symbolism is used in a working example of how to diagnostically assess the Elements with a pentagram treatment using a straightforward symptom based approach.

Symbol Dream workshop will give you deeper and expanded understanding of ‘old favorites  such as The Dream Zones of the Ten Classical Planets and The Double Pentagram of the Forehead therapies which have been firm favorites in Colourpuncture clinics during the last decade consistently providing effective, reliable and quick results. Dream zones of the Ten Classical Planets and the Double pentagram are also among the most effective and easy homework for Colourpuncture clients.

Importance and role of sleep and dreams

Sleep and dreams constitute the unique states of our consciousness when usual waking coordination function of our brain are moved into the background; impressions of the day are being processed and sorted and our memories stabilized.

The Symbol Dream workshops highlights the importance of sufficient quality and quantity of your sleep not only for normal physiological function but for preserving and development of creativity ‘flashes of insight’ in night dreams.

Our dreams are solely about us and our conflicts and the dream is ultimately the soul assistance for the conscious life. As Peter Mandel aptly puts it, the night movies ”want to show us the ‘real’ reality’, helping us to see what we might not want to see but the resolution and re-organization of which is vital both for our daily health and well-being and evolution of our consciousnesses. Ultimately as a result of Dream Therapy work the blocked individual life path is repaired.

During 2013 Advanced Colourpuncture week-end you will have an opportunity to take your study of Rhythms one important step further on Induction Regulation therapy seminar on the 12th of May 2013.

Welcome to an exciting journey of discovery of your deep inner world!


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