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Hello to all our readers from Time4change ltd and welcome to a new year of studies in Esogetic Medicine!
British weather is being generous, life is good and we hope you all had lovely summer holidays. September is the time to think of new studies and of learning valuable skills. So, what is happening in the world of Esogetic Medicine in the UK this Autumn?

The opening training is going to be a brand new –¬† first time in the UK – Esogetic Crystal therapy (Crystal vision by Peter Mandel) course. The training is happening this coming weekend, 11-12 of September 2010 and is open for anyone.

If you like the idea of Esogetic Medicine, have heard of its remarkable results both in the traditional natural health area and in spiritual and personal development, would like to learn one of the Esogetic therapies in just one weekend, and – above everything else – generally love crystals – this is the training course for you.

Esogetic Crystal therapy Dream set

Crystal therapy, being one of the powerful therapies with impressive results and with rapidly increasing use, could be used alongside Colourpuncture light therapy. It can also be used with any other natural health therapy or on its own right. One of the important areas of Crystal therapy is Crystalpuncture which is remarkably effective in pain relief, easy to use by anyone and requires very little investment. All the Crystals make excellent ready-to-use home (and office) help for many issues of physical, emotional and psychological health.

Crystalpuncture for quick pain relief

With a minimal investment  on your part time- and finance-wise, you have the opportunity to experience a totally new, gentle, simple and powerful natural healing system, network with like-minded people and start building your own collection of healing crystals at your own pace as and when you feel the need for it. We do, however, have a special offer for you during this week.

Esogetic Element Crystals

Please note that due to the capacity restriction of the venue this year we only have 3 places left. If you are considering joining us this weekend, please contact us now to avoid disappointment. The next Esogetic Crystal training course in the UK will be scheduled in 2011.

Contact us today to secure your place and join our fascinating international community of Esogetic Crystal therapists!

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