Esogetic Crystal therapy workshops 2012 in the UK

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Set of Element Crystals for Esogetic Colorpuncture Crystal Therapies

With new Esogetic Grey Crystals, Soul-Spirit Crystal Balls for Colourpuncture light therapy and a full set of Element Crystals now available there has been no better time to learn Esogetic Crystal therapy!

You can now also learn Esogetic Crystal therapy in a flexible 1-day format with individual workshops focusing on a particular theme. This year you will have an opportunity to learn Esogetic Crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel in your local workshop ‘Polarity and Elements‘. The focus of the workshop will be on a truly perception-shifting understanding of the laws of polarity and elements in nature and our bodies, your personal experiential healing ¬†journey and plenty of crystal tools for the future.

You will be focusing on learning everyday applications of Gold and Silver polarity crystals, Element crystals, Dream disc and Love discs. Esogetic Crystalpuncture with Crystal tattoos for pain management and as form of non invasive Acupuncture as well as daily treatments with new Grey crystals will also be introduced.

The following dates and locations are currently planned:

21th of April 2012, Stockport, Cheshire

28th of July 2012, Totnes, Devon

22th of September 2012, Scotland (location TBC)

16th of December 2012, London

Join us for an Esogetic Crystal therapy workshop full of personal insight and packed with activity!

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