Dream therapy workshop in April 2012

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The next Esogetic Dream therapy workshop will take place on the 20th of April 2012 from 1 to 4.30 pm in South Manchester, UK.

Esogetic Dream therapy

Esogetic Dream therapy workshop is open for everyone, no previous knowledge or experience is required. You might wish to ‘bring your dream’ for an exchange in dream analysis. A description of your dream can be short but include some objects and actions; anything that you remember. If your dream seems incomplete but feels important it totally OK. It can be either recent or recurrent dream.

You will learn a foundation level of Esogetic Dream therapy according to Peter Mandel, experience Crystal Dream disc or Disc of Light, Dream therapy with Esogetic Oil and colour light and also learn how you can include Dream therapy in your Colourpuncture light therapy or Crystal therapy process.

If you are interested in other Esogetic therapies by Peter Mandel, you are welcome to also attend  ‘Polarity and Elements’ workshop in Esogetic Crystal therapy on the 21st of April and ‘Boundaries’ workshop in Colourpuncture light therapy on the 22nd of April. Both workshops are also open for everyone so if you would like to get a really good taste of Esogetic therapies in just 3 days, then this is a week-end for you to attend.

Join us for a dream afternoon discovering your inner self and gaining valuable insights for your future!