Prenatal Diagnostic

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‘Prenatal Diagnostic’ is a new Colourpuncture CPD seminar based on a recently expanded Prenatal therapy.

“In the development of the human being in the womb the genetic determination of the Mother, Father and Ancestor principle are of great importance as we can recognise later on through the phenomenology of the Iris”. In his recent work, Peter Mandel found a correlation between indications for organ weaknesses and existing diseases in the Prenatal therapy. He empirically discovered ‘Body-Soul-Spirit Lines’ (BSS Lines) on the soles of the feet and a whole new dimension in the Prenatal therapy, a diagnostic assessment followed by a targeted treatment became possible.

Prenatal diagnostic CPD Colourpuncture


We live on this Earth and are in contact with it through our feet, Malkuth area according to the Tree of Life. Through the crown of the head, Kether (‘kingdom’) the subtle cosmic information is symbolically carried downwards and into this realm at Malkuth. Observing sick people during many years of his practice, Peter feels that Reflex Zones of the feet are the “helpers of the human karma”. In this area “all is accumulated, in many overlapping layers, that represents the human being as a soulful essence”.

Our individual program and the prenatal events are reflected on the Prenatal line according to St John. The aim of this new Prenatal and Blastema Lines therapy is to touch these patterns which we carry during all our lifetime in order to bring the individual closer to the insights and needs of his/her Soul.

It is also important to make the ‘ego consciosness’ listen, then once it does, an expansion of consciousness results and only then disease and pain can solve or resolve. Every time when we stop on our life path a stasis results that leads to disease and pain in our life.

The first UK ‘Prenatal Diagnostic’ Colourpuncture CPD seminar will be held in Manchester in Spring 2017. Please contact us if you are interested.