Colourpuncture Update 03-04/03/2018 in Germany

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‘The informative strategies of the living personhood’, Colourpuncture Update seminar with Peter Mandel will be held on the 03-04.03.2018 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Peter Mandel will dare to take a great step, both diagnostically and therapeutically, into the higher levels of the living personhood.

Colourpuncture Update Germany

The following themes will make a foundation of the Update week-end and Peter Mandel is preparing further topics.

1. The ‘three brains’ of a human being: Heart brain, Abdomen brain, and Head brain, new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

2. The three levels of Spirit – Soul and Body. Peter Mandel will present the new EEA (Kirlian Photography) indications and visual diagnostics as well as therapies.

3. The new therapies of ‘Attachment’: C7, Saturn-area, Daath area, front and abdomen.

The Update Seminar 2018 will be offered with English translation. Please contact us for more information about the Update seminar. We are looking forward to seeing you there!