Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course, Part 1 will take place from the 2/01/14 to the 15th/01/14 (12 training days in total) in Stockport, UK. Colourpuncture models are also invited to a Colourpuncture teaching clinic during this course. Please contact us at … Continued

Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course in January 2014

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Make a fresh start in January 2014 – join us on Professional Colourpuncture Intensive training course (Part 1)! This 12 days traditional – ‘live’ – training, starting on the 2/01/14 of January will take place in Stockport, UK. The Part 2 … Continued

Christmas present ideas 2013: I Ching book

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The Playful I Ching The tradition of the I Ching – “The Book of Change” – belongs to the spiritual inheritance of humanity. In this time of worldwide paradigm shift it has become more important than ever to recall and … Continued

Colourpuncture UK latest news

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Training courses: New Professional Colourpuncture training course according to Peter Mandel,  24-days long and fully up-to-date will start in October 2013. Colourpuncture products: Crystal Activator is now available Colourpuncture clinic: Prepare for winter with Colourpuncture Work with us: Join Bronze … Continued

Time to change your sunglasses

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Experience the new summer and get numerous benefits of Colour Light Therapy in a simplest form with Colour Light therapy glasses. Discover old and new meanings of colours and enjoy your summer in active Red, joyful Orange, sunny Yellow, earthy Green, soul-deep Turquoise, calming Blue or meditative Violet. Experience Colour Light Therapy effortlessly!

Effect of Colourpuncture on Multiple Sclerosis

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Multiple sclerosis (MS), also known as  “disseminated sclerosis” or “encephalomyelitis disseminata” is an inflammatory disease involving damage to myelin sheaths (fatty covering of neurons’ axons) and subsequent demyelination and multiple scarring in the brain and spinal cord which leads to impairment of nerve conducting … Continued