Spring 2013 Esogetic Product offer: discount on the ‘Textbook of OGT’

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‘The Textbook of Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy’ by Peter Mandel is on a limited time offer for 83 euro (SAVE 15%) instead of the regular price of 98 euro!

‘The Textbook of Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy’ or Colourpuncture OGT by Peter Mandel is a very practical, easy to follow even for a complete beginner and richly illustrated book on Colourpuncture. The OGT book is logically consistent, clear with all the therapies organized in a uniform manner for easy daily use at home, in the office and on the road.

Textbook of OGT by Peter Mandel

The enclosed templates will help you to locate therapy points in seconds making the practical implementation of the OGT very easy even without the specified Colourpuncture tools. If you are a complete beginner in Colourpuncture, you can start stimulation of Colourpuncture OGT points with Acupressure (point massage),  or with piezoelectric pulses. More on OGT book by Peter Mandel

Order your copy of  ‘The Textbook of Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy’ by Peter Mandel today and make a new beginning in spring 2013 with our 15% off offer!

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