Learning from the source: Karlsruhe 2013 Colourpuncture Update seminar with Peter Mandel

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Learning new therapies of Colourpuncture, Crystal therapy and other Esogetic therapies – ‘know-how for Colourpuncture therapists’ – is always an inspirational experience for participants of the Colourpuncture Update Seminars with Peter Mandel which are held every spring in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Peter Mandel presents new Karma and Numerology therapy with Colourpuncture, Grey and Soul-spirit crystals and Induction therapy
Update seminar 2013 with Peter Mandel

The 2013 seminar, Karma and Numerology’ was personally presented by Peter Mandel  and dedicated to new developments in therapeutic integration of Karma and Numerology principle through Numerological symbolism and related new skin zones.  A new Karma and Numerology therapy uses Soul-spirit Colourpuncture, Grey and Soul-spirit Crystal therapy and Induction therapy. Esogetic holistic system by Peter Mandel is a ‘live’ and evolving therapy system of natural health and  update seminars are an essential part of learning Colourpuncture.

Karma and Numerology therapy uses soul-spirit colourpuncture, crystal therapy and induction therapy
Karma and Numerology therapy tools

On Karma and Numerology seminar Peter Mandel introduced new skin topographies and effective new Colourpuncture therapies helping people to unfold their full potential in life by finding and following their true path which have been validated by years of practical success in his clinical practice. Karma and Numerology therapies have been designed with an idea of fulfilling your Karma using Numerology with a special technique of calculation based on your name and translated into Colourpuncture therapy. This then helps to create a much more favorable conditions for easier, deeper and faster healing processes as well as freedom of individual unfoldment.

Karma abd Numerology therapy uses Grey crystals from Crystal therapy according to Peter Mandel
Karma and Numerology therapy in Grey crystals

Colourpuncture Institute UK clinic integrated Karma and Numerology therapies since 2013. Karma and Numerology will be presented in the UK in English in 2014; please contact us if you would like to participate in this seminar and update your knowledge and skills in Colourpuncture and Crystal therapy.

The Seminars with Peter Mandel not only give you a chance to learn Colourpuncture from the very source but also connect with the international Colourpuncture community. Participants’ backgrounds varies from Colourpuncture students in training and users of Colourpuncture to international teachers.

Grey crystal therapy in practical exchange on Karma and Numerology seminar
Practical part of Karma and Numerology seminar

Yearly Colourpuncture Update seminars presenting new discoveries in Colourpuncture, Crystal therapy and other Esogetic therapies has been held so far in German language. However, taking into account a growing interest in Colourpuncture and steadily increasing numbers of Colourpuncture students and therapists, the International Mandel Institute is considering organizing 2014 Update seminar in Karlsruhe in English.

The 2014 Colourpuncture Update seminar will focus on:

  • Central Reflex Zones
  • Assessment and Crystal therapy
  • the 12 aspects in regards to certain states of disease
  • the I Ching and the genetic code

Please contact us asap on info@time4changeltd.com if you would like to take part in this event. We will see you there!


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