the Academy: The Earth Element, Colourpuncture Professional training Part 10

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Next learning opportunity at Colourpuncture Academy: 22-23/01/16.

The ‘Earth Element’, a Part 10 of the Professional Colourpuncture Training.


Some Earthy highlights of the Part 10:

The Sun Lines, a supraordinary Reflex Zone in hierarchy of Colourpuncture treatments in the Yin and Yang with a focus on incredibly relaxing Sun Lines of Lymph and multifaceted Sun Lines of the Intestines.

A new take on the time-tested Segments of the Back (according to Puttkamer) and The Four Streams of Life’ with Esogetic grey fields (‘3 shades of grey of Colourpuncture) will add a powerful depth to your therapy strategy especially in cases of chronic and therapy resistant diseases.

A firm emphasis will be on focus (local area) and pain. Apart from The Esogetic Pain Points and areas you will learn some new exiting effective Reflex Zones which are widely used for pain treatment:
a supra-ordinate The Sense Organs Projections (nose, mouth) and finely detailed The double projection of the skeleton, organs, spine and joints including the grid of the skull; relation of the vertebral segments to the organs and Skull Reflex Zone and conflict resolution lines’ on the skull. A new reflex zone of the patella will help ‘step forward without fear’, a classic symbolism of the knee joint.

The jaw, the lips, the teeth and The Rhythms of the Knee all contribute into talking these steps with anticipation and not fear. And this is a great extra therapy for the individual teeth problems too.

Problems of Nose and Mouth, Neck and Shoulders (more Converter Points) and Food related imbalances will be addressed with The Cravings Points, Obesity and Constipation therapies.

A delight for those of you who like no-nonsense ’protocols’: totally great both in variety and effect, step-by-step protocols for Small and Large Intestines diseases: Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease and Haemorrhoids.

A little Beauty-from-Within treatment of The ten Pearls of the Small and Large Intestine in the lips.

A general principle of working with joint problems and ailments, time-tested The Joints Rhombus, a Treatment of Bones and Joints as well as therapy for rheumatic symptoms and diseases and Ankylosing spondylitis.

Also, Bone and Joints-wise there will be a great The Joints Line on the Sole of the Foot for differential diagnostic assessment and quick treatment and ultimately addressing the Cause, the Why: The Mental Converters in the Yin and Yang. A wise teacher of Colourpuncture once said to us: ‘the crystallised suffering lies in the bones’.

The Earth Element in a view of 4-elements of Greek Medicine similar to that of Chinese Medicine was an endpoint of all elements as ‘everything falls into earth’. In the Earth Element we see all the advanced bodily manifestation of a disease.

On a deeper symbolic level, we will connect Colourpuncture Earth therapies to the classic Greek Medicine correspondences of The Earth Element: Venus (Taurus), Mercury (Virgo) and Saturn – Capricorn.

Please contact us to receive a full syllabus of Earth Element and all Professional training.