Colourpuncture Weekend 1

26-28/02/2016, Manchester

Welcome back to our Colourpuncture Weekends for beginners!



Colourpuncture Weekend 1 will introduce you to Colourpuncture tools and practices and give you numerous treatment options for most common complaints. You will get to experience and give your first Colourpuncture treatments in a supporting and stimulating environment.

Day 1: You will learn how to sustain your optimal energy levels, navigate your emotions and develop a better mental clarity. As well as how to hold the light torch, switch it on, change the bulb and the batteries….‘Mood swings, Fatigue and Depression’ and ‘Sleep and Dreams’ Colourpuncture short workshops.

Day 2: You will learn how to not let your colds, running nose, sore throat, ear inflammations and back and joints aches to spoil you life, why the lymphatic system is a ‘psychological buffer’ and how to maintain a healthy lymph circulation to improve your ‘body ecology’, freedom and movement and vitality …‘Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear and Throat pain’ and ‘Back and Joints pain’ Colourpuncture short workshops.

Day 3: You will experience a face mask ‘made’ of light and colours, learn to maintain your skin health and facial beauty, digest and absorb your food (and your life experience…) and detoxify your body to support your best Inner and Outer Self …..’Skin problems’ Colourpuncture short workshop.

It is also perfectly possible to take individual workshops: ‘Mood swings, Fatigue and Depression’ (Friday morning), ‘Sleep and Dreams’  (Friday afternoon), ‘Colds, Flu, Sinusitis, Ear and Throat pain’ (Saturday morning), ‘Back and Joints pain’  (Saturday afternoon) or ‘Skin problems’ (Sunday morning).

Every day you will also experience Esogetic Dream and Sound therapies which will support your Colourpuncture journey.

More then 30 easy-to-do, highly effective Colourpuncture treatments, dream work and body awareness practices as well as better habits for sustainable health and well-being will serve you for life.

Please take your dreams and wishes, pains and aches as well as some comfortable layered cloths, a journal and a teddy bear 🙂 (optional) and join us for Colourpuncture Weekend. We are looking forward to support you on your first Colourpuncture journey!