Colourpuncture Institute UK

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Esogetics branch and the International Mandel Institute in the UK have a new home at This is the official site for education on Esogetic Medicine and an on-line shop for Esogetics products in the UK.

On this site you will be learning about Esogetic Medicine and its founder, Peter Mandel. You will learn the main concepts of Esogetic Medicine, its diagnostic centrepoint, Energy Emission Analysis, and many holistic therapies such as Colourpuncture, Infra-Red and Ultra-Violet therapies, Crystal therapy, Induction therapy, Colour Sound therapy, Dream therapy and more.

You will find all Esogetic Medicine training courses schedules there, including a forthcoming course on Crystal therapy.

You will also be able to order new Esogetic products and spares for your equipment through this site.

Soon to come will be a UK directory of certified Colourpuncture practitioners and colour clinics.

Go to the Calendar page to see what is happening at the Colourpuncture Institute UK here.

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