Learn a new Crystal therapy this Autumn

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Esogetic Crystal therapy course is the next training event from the International Mandel Institute UK and it will be connected to Colourpuncture in many ways.

It will take place in September 2010 and will be the first such training in the UK, as a new addition to the extensive family of Esogetic Medicine therapies – Crystal therapy by Peter Mandel.

This training is a standalone entry level course in Esogetic Medicine and is open for you whether you are have been studying Colourpuncture with us or not. This course will give you a wealth of knowledge on the therapeutic benefits of Esogetic crystals and the necessary skills to practice the Crystal therapy, both in its own right and/or in synergy with your current therapy. We are going to learn Crystal Activator, Gold and Silver Crystals, Element crystals, Dream Disc, Love disc, Crystal Ball for Colourpuncture and miniature crystal tattoos for Crystalpuncture.

How can you benefit from learning the Crystals as a student of  Colourpuncture?

Dream Disc for Esogetic Dream therapy

Esogetic Crystals are extremely versatile yet easy to use. You can choose any of the following ways and combine them as you prefer:

1. Use the Crystals to enhance your Colourpuncture session, placing certain crystals according to their intended use after you have done the light.

2. Use Crystal Ball for Colourpuncture. Crystal Ball has been specifically designed in order to amplify the colours many times through the specific cut and arrangements of the facets of the Crystal Ball. Many important therapies of Colourpuncture could be enriched further by using the Crystal Ball.

3. Use miniature crystal tattoos for crystal-puncture of some points you have just treated with the light.

4. Both Dream and Love discs make excellent homework for your clients for deepening their healing process and balancing any reactions in between their Colourpuncture treatments.

5. Crystal tattoos are invaluable as homework too, especially in pain management therapy in addition to Colourpuncture and Infra-red puncture.

An UK on-line home for Esogetic crystal therapy,  colourpuncture.co.uk/category/color-therapies/ will be featuring individual crystals soon.

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