Love, light and life

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Set of Love

Welcome to Crystal Therapy of Esogetic Medicine and a new addition to the beautiful world of Swarowski crystals! Discover the Set of Love, a brand new healing crystal set of Crystal therapy from Peter Mandel, the founder of Esogetic Medicine, specially designed to enhance affection, kind-heartedness, devotion and love.

Love is a very natural human feeling and is anchored deep within our hearts. It is always there; yet sometimes we can not feel its warmth under habitually building up layers of fear, stress, depression, aggression or simply indecisiveness.

Experience the Set of Love which includes:
Disk of the Heart, „Love“ essential oil, informational brochures and instruction tips on how to use it best.

In the  love – light – life Peter Mandel found the same significance as “spirit – soul body” or “information – energymatter“.

The Disc of Heart will help you and your loved ones move towards feeling whole and unique, in peace with yourself and the world. It will help to sense a wonderful deep inner quality of “the gathering of one’s thoughts” and your heart will become a shining sourse of Unconditional Love.

Ready to discover a deeper meaning of Love yourself and,  maybe,  share it with your loved ones? Order your Set of Love today!

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