Five Elements in Colourpuncture light therapy

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Colourpuncture treatment system ‘Function circles’ has been inspired by the ancient theory of five elements of Traditioanl Chenese medicine. This timeless theory sees our world – extending, probably, up to even the whole Solar system – as made up of MetalWaterWoodFire and Earth.

“Metal” represents metal objects; “Wood” represents trees and all plants; “Water” and “Fire” are very self-explanatory categories and the “Earth” represents soil.

  • The Fire is very Yang (masculine), its planet is Mars, and its season is summer, the time of heat, growth, and intense light.
  • The Earth is Yin (feminine), its planet is Saturn, the season is the last eighteen days of each of the four seasons, the time of seasonal transition.
  • The Metal is Yin because it is extracted from the Yin Earth, yet it is less Yin than Earth or Water. Metal’s planet is Venus, and its season is autumn, the time of harvest.
  • The Water is the most Yin of the five elements, its planet is Mercury, and its season is winter.
  • The Wood is Yang, but less Yang than Fire. Wood’s planet is Jupiter, and the season is spring.

Traditional Chinese philosophy accept that the five elements are very interdependent and work together by enhancing and restraining each other. This forms constructive and destructive circles of the elements.

Constructive circle: Fire creates Earth, Earth contains Metal, Metal holds Water, Water waters Wood, Wood feeds Fire.

Destructive circle: Fire melts Metal; Metal cuts Wood; Wood (plants and trees) depletes the Earth; Earth blocks Water; Water extinguishes Fire.

Based on Five Elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine there are Function Circles Colourpuncture treatments for Kidney/Bladder (Water), Liver/Gall Bladder (Wood), Lungs/Large Intestine (Metal), Stomach/Spleen/Pancreas (Earth) and Heart/Small Intestine (Fire). Colourpuncture treatments of Function Circles will help to restore and maintain health of the related physical organs and organ systems by healing the very roots of underlying dis-balance whilst balancing the emotions traditionally related to these systems.

Soul-Spirit and Grey Colors
Soul-Spirit and Grey colours

Kidney/Bladder Colourpuncture treatment will help you if you have fear issues; you will then be able to discover the polar opposite of fear – trust; similarly Liver/Gall Bladder light will calm down anger and you will be able to experience your true vitalityLungs/Large Intestine circle colours will help you to lift your spirits and deal with sadness illuminating the road to  creativityStomach/Spleen/Pancreas Colourpuncture treatment will help to turn our confusion and indecisiveness into natural self-confidence helping to make great life choices, and Heart/Small Intestine colours will bring you the joy of heart.

Colourpuncture of Five Elements uses Colourpuncture with spectral, soul-spirit and grey colours as well as Induction therapy.

The Colourpuncture treatments of all the five Function Circles over a period of time will help regulation of the organism on a very fundamental level; it will help your body-mind to self-regulate, stabilize and regenerate. Colourpuncture of the five elements will help you to adapt successfully in our rapidly changing world and to avoid psychosomatic disease syndromes.

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