Dream yourself happy!

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We all know that when we receive light and colours, we dream. We dream more if we already dreamt before starting Colourpuncture and we start dreaming if we never did.

What is in our dreams? How can we make sense of the seemingly unrelated – or even frightening – symbols, events and turns in our dreams?

Dream therapies of different kinds have been in holistic medical practice since ancient times and yet even today there are no clear answers on what will help you. Why? Simply because that there are as many dreams as there are people and the same symbol in your friend’s dream will not have the same meaning for you. So, how can we avoid confusion and still successfully employ dream therapy in our practice?

Esogetic Colourpuncture has developed a variety of new techniques, with and without colours and light, to help you to make good use of your dreams.

With Esogetic Dream therapy you will be discovering more about your dreaming self: your dreaming brain, new dream research, benefits of dream therapy and different types of dream work. You will become familiar with dream scripts and will be able to learn about and practice the icing on the cake – targeted dreaming. The new Esogetic Medicine solutions for your dreams include dream zones, the oil of your dreams, dream symbol cards, dream disc and more!

You will be discovering light and colours, colour sound and crystal dreams. Your conflict resolution therapies will also be supported with new dream therapy tools.

Esogetic Dream therapy makes the perfect tool for processing any possible reactions to light therapy as well as enhancing Colourpuncture treatments. It is ideal self-help for therapists and also makes great homework for the clients of your Colorpuncture clinic.

Please visit us at colourpuncture.co.uk/category/dream-therapy/ for more information and regular updates.

Happy dreaming!

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