The optiCOLOURvision Glasses as “windows of the soul”

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The Esogetics optiCOLORvision Glasses: high-quality colored lenses as "windows of the soul".
Nearly 80 percent of all impressions reach our brain via the eyes. Today, we know that this much is true –
the eye is not there merely to see! It is an important "outpost" of our health. The eye primarily perceives
light and colour. Light and colour are vibrations with various properties, meaning frequencies. The eye
receives these, converts the frequencies into electromagnetic impulses, selects and sorts them,
then forwards them to the brain.
The high-quality colored lenses of the optiCOLORvision Glasses can have effects that are beneficial to the
health, in the case of emotional and physical illnesses and stress.
The harmonious stimulation of viewing colours has long been used with great success in psychology and
in psychotherapy. You have the opportunity to take advantage of these experiences, and you have the
freedom to self-sufficiently contribute to your wellbeing and your health, e.g. when you are hiking,
playing sports, when relaxing and going to sleep, when you have allergies and headaches: …simply
whenever it does you good.
The 100% UV400 filter also makes them excellently suitable for use as sunglasses.
New optiColour glasses
Quality Features:
• In 7 different colours
• Highly saturated colour-filter lenses
• For personal use and therapeutic application
• Comfortable fit
• Also suitable for children
• Fashionable – comfortable – light
• Highly resistant against scratches and shatterproof
• Colour filters of the highest quality
• UV400 Filter
• CE 89/686/CEE, Pr-En-1836: 2005
• Recommended by the International Mandel Institute

Warning: The optiCOLORvision Glasses may not be worn for driving or when operating
machinery; only the colour yellow is permitted for this.

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