New Crystal Balls in Soul-Spirit colours

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You can now experience all your favorite Crystal Ball Colourpuncture therapies with a full set of new crystal balls in Soul-Spirit colours!

Discover new Crystal Balls in Soul-Spirit colours!

Now you have a chance to own the Light Green Crystal Ball , the most commonly used in Crystal Colourpuncture.

However, due to big demand, crystal balls in all other soul-spirit colours – Light Turquoise, Crimson and Rose will now be manufactured by the Esogetics!

You will have a chance to practice your segment therapy, memory therapy, therapy of reflex areas of the soles of the feet, life energy and regeneration therapies, thyroid gland therapy, rhythms therapy, local colour therapies with soul-spirit colours and more.

This new set of Crystal Balls will have a limited first edition. Please order now to avoid disappointment.

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