Crystal Colourpuncture in Soul-Spirit colours

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A new improved edition of a full collection of Esogetic Crystal Balls – or Crystal Spheres – for Crystal Colourpuncture is about to enter the world of light and colour therapy.

Esogetic Crystal Colourpuncture and Soul-Spirit Colour Light Therapy

The Light Green Crystal Ball is now fully available for use in Colour Light Therapy Colourpuncture. Light Green is the colour which is most commonly used in Colorpuncture with Crystal Ball.

And the good news is that, due to overwhelming request from therapists and people who use Crystal Colorpunture for self-care, Crystal Balls in all other Soul-Spirit colours will now be manufactured!

Soul-Spirit Crystal Balls will be available at the end of September 2011 and could be used both by therapists in natural health clinics and for daily use at home for numerous Colorpuncture therapies including: Segment Therapy, Memory Therapy, Colour Reflexology, Life Energy and Regeneration therapies, Thyroid therapy, local colour therapy with soul-spirit colours and more.

For even better synergy of different therapeutic media you can use your Crystal Colourpuncture Crystal Ball with Point Induction Therapies. Please read more.

Your investment will be € 159 for each crystal ball or you can order a full set of 4 crystal balls for € 636. This new set of Crystal balls will have a limited first edition. Please order now to avoid disappointment.