New glasses for everyday Colour Light Therapy

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Discover a new way to enjoy Light and Colour Therapy Рwith new opti-Colour glasses  from Esogetics!

New VISION-Glasses (7 different glasses – 7 different colours) will effortlessly open your journey into Colour Light Therapy and will allow you to experience different colours on different days depending on your needs, moods and wishes.

Opti-Colour could be used as Therapy-Sunglasses (in 7 different colors) too.

Experience the whole spectrum of colour light from the full set or choose your favorite colour to start off with.

Opti-Colour Light Therapy glasses in RED

Choose from Active RED, Vital ORANGE, Sun YELLOW, Earth GREEN, Soul TURQUOISE, Quiet BLUE or Meditation VIOLET.

Connect with the magic of colours today! 

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