Opticolour PC/TV Glasses from Esogetics

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Amazing new glasses from Esogetics for work and play are now available in the UK!

Do you work at your computer a lot?
Do you and your children watch TV?
Are you concerned about artificial light radiation which could be harmful for you and your family?

Protect yourself and your loved once from excessive blue light and enjoy your modern technology as you please … discover a new product from Esogetics – PC/TV glasses – approved for use by the International Mandel Institute.

OptiCOLOUR Vision

optiCOLOR PC/TV Glasses are available as complete eyeglasses or as CLIP-ON for those who wear glasses

optiCOLOR PC/TV provide protection against Blue-Light Radiation from your PC and TV Screens

What are they and how can you benefit from new glasses from Esogetics?

• Suitable for PC and TV
• Suitable for traffic (EU only, not USA/AU)
• Good blue-light protection
• Protection against melatonin reduction
• Good color recognition
• Short acclimatization period
• Anti-reflective lenses
• Scratch resistant
• High contrast
• 100% UV400 filter
• High degree of light transmission
• High-quality lenses
• Special color filters
• 88-99% filter effect (400-500 nm)
• CE certified

Why is protection against blue light so important?
There are indications that the mercury discharge or LED-based background lighting for flat screens (PC/TV) can lead to irreversible damage to the eyes. It is suspected that a high portion of blue light can have a damaging effect upon the macula. This could result in promoting age-related muscular degeneration (AMD). Reduced contrast sensitivity, reduced visual acuity and a limited perception of color could be the consequences. High portions of blue light also negatively influence the hormone balance (stress hormones, melatonin). Red eyes, twitching eyelids, weariness, headaches, nervousness etc. are typical complaints from high dozes of blue light from PC work or watching television.


The optiCOLORPC/TV Glasses provide reliable special color-filter protection against excessive blue-light radiation screens, fluorescent lamps, white-light LED and energy-saving lamps, and they are therefore particularly suited for watching television and for PC work in the office. This takes the burden off your eyes and increases your sense of well-being.

With the optiCOLORPC/TV Glasses, you experience improved color recognition on the PC or television screen. It is possible that you will need a certain amount of time for your eyes to get used to the special color filters of the optiCOLORPC/TV Glasses. This period of acclimation can vary from individual to individual, but it is usually quite short.

The optiCOLORPC/TV Glasses also provide low-level anti-glare protection, and for this reason they are also highly suitable to wear as sunglasses. Due to the anti-reflective lenses and the comfortable fit, they are extraordinarily pleasant to wear.

Protect your health and well-being now!

…and there are also the opti COLOR vision Glasses:

There are still special colored glasses from the optiCOLOR series as well, called optiCOLORvision Glasses, available in 7 different colors, all of which can be used as sunglasses as well as therapeutic glasses. Please visit us soon for information on special coloured glasses from Esogetics.

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