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  • Are you an existing Colourpuncture therapist trained before 2007?
  • Or have you already been on a course related to Colour puncture light therapy?
  • Are you aware of recent developments specially designed by Peter Mandel to address therapy resistance?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then the Update training in Colour puncture light therapy will bring numerous benefits for you and your colorpuncture practice. Colourpuncture Update includes the latest therapies and treatments from the International Mandel Institute in a compact 3-day course and will perfectly meet your needs if you have studied colour puncture light therapy before.

Discover a new, up-to-date professional training in Colourpuncture light therapy from the International Mandel Institute in the UK. You are very welcome to Colorpuncture Update Training Course on the 20-22 February 2012 where you will find a plethora of new Esogetic therapies such as Grey Fields Colorpuncture, OGTs, Esogetic Crystal puncture, Memory therapy and more!

It is easy to check if your skills and knowledge of Esogetic light therapy are up to date.

When you complete this 3-day update course you will also be able to benefit from access to a flexible scheme for continuous professional development (cpd) of Advanced Colorpuncture. The Therapy of Addictions, Karma-Hara, the Therapy of Burn-Out syndrome and much more will be available over the years in the UK to keep you on top of your profession.

If you are an established Colorpuncture or Colour Reflexology therapist looking for referrals from the International Mandel Institute UK  to grow your business, please contact Colourpuncture Institute UK.

If you are not a qualified Color puncture practitioner but are interested in light and colours for natural health and well-being, or if you practice a Colour or Light therapy and are intrigued by a new way to blend these powerful modalities together on the background of a meridian therapy, please visit www.learnesogeticolourpuncture.com to find  more information.

For more information on current structure and activity of the Institute in the UK please visit www.colourpunctureinstitute.com. Through this site where we have the great privilege of working to meet the needs of Esogetic Medicine practitioners, their clients and customers here in the UK.

Esogetic Medicine by Peter Mandel is an evolving discipline which integrates the best findings from the forefront of biomedical research and modern technologies. Some of its new tools such as Grey Fields, OGT (Ophthalmic Genetic Therapy) or Crystal Therapy including crystalpuncture have only become available in recent years. By joining the Update training you will have a chance to be one of the first UK therapists fully up-to-date in Esogetic therapies and start offering new very effective and targeted therapies – including therapy resistance solutions – in your practice.

Book your Colorpuncture Update training before November 2011 and benefit from an ‘early bird’ discount. The training will be held on the 20-22th of February 2012 .

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