Basic Colourpuncture Training Part 2: Colourpuncture for children

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The first week-end of Colourpuncture for everyone – Basic (Laymen) training in Esogetic Colorpuncture has been designed by Peter Mandel to introduce light therapy and give sound foundation both in main principles and background therapies and is called “Colour¬†treatment for me and my family”. This foundation is the focus of the first week-end of Basic Colorpuncture training.

The second week-end consists of 3 days and covers: Colourpuncture for children, Colorpuncture for skin health and “Signals from the body”.

Colourpuncture for Children

“Children in light”, or Colourpuncture for children training day will open the second week-end of Basic (Laymen) training. We are going to learn:

  • basic concepts of development of children
  • the holographic concept in Esogetic Medicine
  • the information barrier treatment
  • coordination line in Yin and Yang of the Sun lines
  • concentration and learning behavior
  • anti-trauma therapy
  • the soul line of esogetics
  • the esogetic ice-breaker
  • colour shower of the feet
Colour Light therapy on feet
  • the body-soul-spirit lines of the sole of the foot
  • the first toe and the projection of the brain
  • prenatal colourpuncture light therapy
  • Birth therapy in light and colour
  • the therapy of the birth points
  • basic therapies for: immune system health, high fever, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis,
  • diseases of the ear,¬†otitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, colics of the three month old babies,
  • sleeping problems restlessness

You will also discover how Crystalpuncture and Crystal therapy with element crystals could be efficiently used for common children complaints.

Crystal Therapy for children

Join us today for the Basic training in Colourpuncture and begin to help your children with a natural health using light and colour with confidence and ease.

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