Colour Sound therapy for Sleeping disorders

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Extraordinary strains, poor nutrition, problems, stress, depression and pain are the most frequent factors that lead to blockages, and thus to sleeping disorders. They prevent us from reaching the “theta/relaxation level” of the brain waves –which is necessary for falling asleep – and from there to the “delta/deep-sleep” level. The sleeping difficulties resulting from this affect the deep-sleep and sleeping behavior and prevent processing during sleep. In this manner, the negative cycle is complete!

Colour Sound Therapy 4 sleeping problems
Colour Sound 4 sleeping problems

Falling asleep is an active occurrence, a conscious turning away from intellectual and volitional activities, an intentional letting go of the content of daily consciousness. Blockages prevent this process. The Sleeping Disorders Color Sound Therapy is not a CD for falling asleep, however, since it is intended to assist in removing blockages, as well as to harmonize and calm brain activity, so that everyday situations can be better recognized and processed. If the CD were to be listened to directly before falling asleep, the logical consequence would be an increase in the difficulty of falling asleep!

The more that blockages are consciously – and more importantly unconsciously – dispelled, the easier falling asleep will be, and the sleep itself will be that much deeper and calmer.

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