Professional Colourpuncture training course Level 2

Our next professional training in Esogetic Colourpuncture is going to be the Colourpuncture Level 2 course starting in October 2010. This training is based on Colourpuncture Level 1, consists of 3 Modules and contains more advanced colour light therapies. On this course you will both learn higher therapies and also have the beautiful opportunity to review and integrate what you have already learned (and no doubt, practiced) during Colourpuncture Level 1, taking it to a new level with an abundance of new light therapies and concluding your professional training in Esogetic Colourpuncture.

The higher therapies include advanced conflict resolution, extended Prenatal therapy based on Metamorphic technique according to Robert St. John, Bardo treatments and all the advanced therapies of 4+1 Esogetic principles. Many of these higher therapies will make an extensive use of grey and soul-spirit colours.

Please visit our Professional Colourpuncture training course page of this site for an overview of Level 2 course content.

Who is it for?

Colourpuncture Level 2 is a training for students who have either completed Level 1 with us in 2009 or 2010 or for those of you who took a Colourpuncture Update course in early 2010. Overseas students who received same level training in Colourpuncture with any other branch of the International Mandel Institute are very welcome to join us as well.

If you have missed our Colorpuncture Update training but have been trained in Colorpuncture light related therapy before and would like to join us for Level 2 in Autumn 2010 please visit our Update training site to find out about your possible options.

Join us for Colourpuncture Level 2 course in October and complete your professional training in Esogetic Colorpuncture before the end of 2010!

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