New Colourpuncture training course 2010 in UK

New spring – new beginnings! We are about to start our new Colourpuncture training course 2010 in the UK.

Our basic Colourpuncture Module 1 starts on the last weekend of March 2010. Join us for the first 3 Modules of Esogetic Colorpuncture from the International Mandel Institute over Spring 2010 and change your life and/or clinical practice for the better.

If you are new to Colourpuncture please, read our old posts and don’t hesitate to ask the questions.

If you are already a therapist of light and colours please visit for regular updates and information on new therapies from the International Mandel Institute.

Welcome to Spring, welcome to our Colorpuncture course!

Your UK team for Esogetic Colourpuncture,

Time4change ltd

  1. ADMIN

    Module 2 of the course is scheduled for 23-24-25 of April 2010. It covers treatments and therapies for immune system, detox treatments and basic treatments for degenerative diseases.

    If you want to study esogetic colourpuncture you could still join the 2010 course. Simply contact us and schedule Module 1 before 16 of April.

    Call us on 0161 6101894, 07779009643.

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