Colourpuncture Update course 26-27-28 February

For the first time in the UK we are introducing a new Update Colourpuncture training course which was designed with the aim of bringing  Colourpuncture therapists in line with the latest developments in Esogetic Medicine. If you were trained in Colorpuncture before 2007 then this course is for you. The dates are 26-27-28 of February.

You are going to learn many new types of functional diagnosis such as esogetic eye and iris diagnosis, correspondences of upper and lower lips and pressure points according to Adler/Langer – to mention just a few.

You are going to find out how Esogetic Medicine integrates new research into abdominal brain, neuroglia and childhood conditioning.

And, of course, there will be a wide variety of new Colourpuncture treatments and therapies to learn, including the somatotopy of the patella, OGTs, the therapy of memory line and much more!

You are also going to learn an exciting new world of grey “colours” – therapies of grey fields and how you can use them in many different ways, for example in addressing therapy resistance.

By the end of the course you will be provided with many templates for OGT and ear therapies which will make your future Colourpuncture sessions easier, quicker and almost effortless.

Welcome back to light and colours!

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