Love, Light and Life

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It MAY BE winter outside but Valentine’s day is JUST around the corner!
What are you thinking of when you hear “Valentine’s day”?
Love?  A special someone really close to your heart? The perfect gift of Love?

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s present?

Or may be you are looking for Love in your life and feel that the best place to start is within your own heart?
Give your Valentine and yourself the gift of love from the heart and bring a little closer the spring, love and new beginnings. Look what a gift we have found for you, hurry to order it now, take it home and see your love blossom!

A brand new product from Peter Mandel, the founder of Esogetic Medicine, specially designed to bring out affection, kindheartedness, devotion and love. All these – probably the best of – human feelings are anchored deep within our hearts and are always there naturally; it’s just that sometimes they become sleeping beauties, get damaged by the stress or aggression in our environment or are simply buried under years of our self-created layers of fear, depression or indecisiveness.

Discover a new Set of Love which includes:
Disk of the Heart, „Love“ essential oil, informational brochures and application instructions.
In the three big Ls LOVE – LIGHT – LIFE Peter Mandel found the same significance as “SPIRIT – SOUL – BODY” or
“INFORMATION – ENERGY – MATTER”. The set contains Swarowski crystals in soul-spirit colours.
The disc of heart will help you and your loved ones move towards feeling whole and unique, at peace with yourself and the world. It will help you gain a wonderful deep inner sense of  “gathering one’s thoughts”, and your heart will become a shining source of Unconditional Love.

Are YOU ready to discover a deeper meaning of Love this Valentine?

The Set of Love to warm the hearts for you and your loved ones far beyond this Valentine is 114 Euros (plus p&p). The instructions for the set are also available in Italian and German.

We wish you and your loved ones to discover Unconditional Love this February.
Happy Valentine’s day!