Dream therapy workshop in June 2011

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Dream workshop from the International Mandel Institute in the UK

Dream therapy is an important tool for Natural Health and Personal Change. Esogetic Dream therapy according to Peter Mandel takes a fresh look at the subject of human dreams and also offers unique and immediate therapeutic solutions which you can easily apply at home with great results.

Esogetic Dream workshop

The Esogetic dream therapy workshop will be held on the  26th of June 2011, from 2pm to 5pm in the South Manchester, UK. Please contact us for the venue address and bookings.

This is an entry level workshop and everyone is welcome to attend. No equipment is necessary as all the tools of Dream therapy will be provided for you for the duration of the workshop.

You will learn and practice:

  • Sun-Pluto principle for you dream therapy
  • A meditative game with the ancient symbols
  • Step-be-step using of the dream set
  • How to locate the 10 dreams zones of luminaries and planets on the body which you will be able to use for dream therapy
  • The esogetic dream zones topography for effective and targeted dreaming
  • How to uncover some important dream symbolism
Dream disc for dream therapy

You will experience:

  • A full use of the Dream therapy set, including crystal dream disc, esogetic oil therapy and meditative symbol game

You will learn a lot of fascinating facts related to a new dream therapy:

  • An easy introduction into the basis structure of Esogetic Medicine and the holistic concept of diagnosis and therapy with the focus on an individuality of a client
  • A brief overview of Energy Emission Analysis (EEA) also known as Kirlian Photography; you will also have your own energy emission picture taken and analysed
  • A place of Dream therapy and other therapies within Esogetic Medicine and how the therapies can be chosen in an individual case
  • Effect of colours on human body and psyche
  • Role of limbic system and brain endocrine glands in human health and well being
  • Pain clock topography of Esogetic Medicine and possibilities of using Dream disc as well as dream therapy options without the disc
  • An introduction into a spiritual/symbolic topography of the Energy Emission Analysis picture and how you can utilize the working knowledge of this topography in your dream work without the need for any equipment
Holistic dream therapy
  • You will take away:
  • Your easy to follow (and no-need-for-equipment) individual plan for your day-to-day dream therapy homework
Meditative game with dream cards, crystals and oil

Your participation will include:

  • A keen interest in Dreams
  • A willingness to learn, exchange and experience a fascinating new Dream therapy

Register now and Dream Yourself Happy!

7 Responses

  1. Oleg

    What is the difference between 10 dreams zones of luminaries and planets on the body and esogetic dream zones topography?

  2. irina66

    The 10 dream zones of luminaries and planets are the “Symbol zones” located on the hands and the body for the SUN and MOON (luminaries) and MERCURY, VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO (planets). The Esogetic Dream zones are 8 different zones which are all located on the legs. You can work with them using either Esogetic Oil and Dream disc (or both). If you are already using the Esogetic Oil and the 6 main zones which come with the manual for the oil then these 10 + 8 zones that we are going to cover during the workshop will be new for you. Included in the manual for the oil are Joy zone and 5 zones of “Expanding the consciousness” and they can be combined with the Symbol zones (10 zones of luminaries and planets). Also there are separate 10 dream zones of “Inner Harmony” which can be combined with the Symbol zones. They are not included in this particular Dream workshop but can be found in the book “Dream yourself free” which can be ordered separately or as a part of Dream Set. The book also contains other dream zones combinations for specific complaints such as colds, headaches etc.

  3. Teresa

    Could you tell me where the zone of relationship is and where I would find this.Is it in the book for example. Also what I have found to my dismay is that whenever I come into contact woith the oil, I have astrong reaction to it, a burning type sensation, that feels very much like a peppermint reaction. When I have rubbed it directly on my skin, it stings me. What about the other oil, might this also be used for dream zone therapy.? I know the disc is an alternative. It’s such a shame with this oil, but it’s having a pretty strong effect on me. Haven’t tried the tea yet……

  4. Irina

    The dream zone of relationship is described in the book “Dream yourself free” by Peter Mandel which you can either order separately or as a part of a Dream set.
    A few people who are sensitive to the Oil Relax – including children – find it helpful to use less (a drop or two per zone) and rub the Oil into the skin lightly, not vigorously as people who find the Oil not so strong. We are all different in sensitivity so it’s a matter of finding out your preferences.
    The Love oil is for oil-burners and to be used with the Disc of Heart for Esogetic Crystal Therapy.
    The Energy Reflector Oil is a new special massage oil for point massage. Please find more information on the Energy Reflector Oil on http://www.colourpunctureacademy.co.uk

  5. Irina

    The dream zone of relationship is described in “Dream yourself free” by Peter Mandel. You can order the book either separately or as a part of the Dream Set.
    A few people who are sensitive to the Oil Relax – including children – find it helpful to use less oil (just a drop or two) and rub it into the skin not so vigorously as those who find the Oil not so strong and prefer to use more. We are all different in our sensitivity so it’s important to find what will work for you.
    The Love Oil is to be used in oil-burners with the Disc of the heart from Esogetic Crystal therapy Love Set.
    The Energy Reflector Oil is a special oil for point massage. Please refer to http://www.colourpunctureacademy.co.uk for more information on the Energy Reflector Oil.

  6. Teresa

    Thanks for the advice. But it seems that even when I come into contact with the oil, as much as the smell of it on the paper from the box, without even putting it on my skin, I get this tingly reaction all over my body,which stays for hours,but no rash. The energy reflector oil looks nice, does the book cover the massage points? Many Thanks, hope to meet you soon!

  7. Irina

    Dear Theresa,
    You can read more about new Energy Reflector Oil here: https://colourpuncture.co.uk/esogetics-products/energy-reflector-oil-special-massage-oil-according-to-peter-mandel/ .
    At the end of this post you can click on “manual” and download full instruction for use. Hope this helps.
    The next Dream workshop will be held on the 25th of September in South Manchester. Please check: http://colourpunctureacademy.co.uk/calendar/ for upcoming details.
    Have a happy summer!

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