Colourpuncture for Reflexology therapists

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How can your Reflexology practice benefit from adding Colourpuncture?

As a therapist of Reflexology, you are likely to face several challenges:

  • you may sometimes find that Reflexology, on its own, is a great therapy, but doesn’t quite go far enough in treating deep-seated emotional/psychological problems
  • you may at times come across physical issues of unclear, possibly psychosomatic origin
  • you may feel that, rather than just relaxation, your clients need their problems addressing, which can be unclear either for you, for them, or both
  • If you give them relaxation but without attacking the root causes of the problem, they may love your treatments but can then leave elsewhere to address their deep issues

So, why would you add Colourpuncture of all therapies, to your reflexology practice?

Well, in my early days I used to work in a reflexology clinic. The lady who owned the clinic – a reflexologist with over a decade of experience in the industry, as well as a counsellor and EFT practitioner – said after being introduced to Colourpuncture: “I understand now the limitations of reflexology. I can help people with their body but not their mind or emotions. I can easily heal physical body but I can do nothing to understand where the problem came from so I can eradicate it from life.”

Colour does exactly that. She called it “a deep emotional unbaggaging”.

Colorpuncture Reflex Zone
Colourpuncture Reflex Zone

So how can you combine Reflexology and Colourpuncture in your clinic?

You can either use colour in combination with reflexology, or simply alternate your usual reflexology treatment with something called colour reflexology treatment. In doing so you will:

  • Give your clients the best and most up-to-date service possible in your field
  • Find your success rate going up when using alternating treatments like this
  • Find that the process happens much quicker when you combine them
  • Personally change so much that you’ll be happier and attract more clients!

A client that you help to move on significantly with colour will think the world of you, and will spread the word about you and your clinic.

Your professional satisfaction will soar!

Obviously, you will stand out from the competition.

Remember, there are two options for combining reflexology and colour puncture in your clinic:

1. A specialized colour reflexology course or
2. Our main course, where you will learn numerous other treatments to cover a much broader range of conditions and which will allow you to treat the whole body holistically – not just the hands and feet

For more information on how Colourpuncture can enhance your practice have a look at our Workshop and Training Courses section to see what you are going to learn.

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