Crystal tatoos for your health and well-being

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Crystal therapy is one of the latest developments in Esogetic Medicine.  Many Esogetic crystals have been designed for easy and effective use by therapists and anyone without any previous therapeutic knowledge.

Discover Crystal-puncture of Esogetics and add beautiful crystal tatooes to your daily natural health self-care collection. Not only do they look as fantastic as do any other crystal tattoos applied to your skin, but they also have numerous health benefits.

Tatoos for Crystalpuncture
> Esogetic Crystalpuncture

Each miniature crystal tattoo is engraved with the Earth Hologram. The set consists of 300 Crystal puncture tattoos, a pointer for easy application and an extensive yet easy to understand guide with suggestions on how you can use them best.

With a special hypoallergenic adhesive you can glue your tattoos directly onto easy-to-find special reflex points or onto acupuncture points on the skin. You can use the tattoos either before or after a  Colour puncture light therapy treatment to enhance the therapy. Crystal-puncture is also a perfectly effective tool on its own right and is especially effective in pain management therapy.

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